Here’s a grand list of every Shaw Brothers Martial Arts film in order of release. There’s a lot, and yes, I’m going to review them all, in order… eventually! Alongside this series, I’ll also be watching some related films that aren’t within the genre, such as Chang Cheh’s forays into musicals and drama. These films will also be included here, and will be notated accordingly. Also included are a couple of non-Shaw films that were highly influential (such as the Bruce Lee films), or other films that I think will be interesting (such as the first Golden Harvest film). I thought it would be interesting to see them within context of the Shaw output, and will be reviewing them in order as well.

The list format will be:

Title / Director / HK Release Date / *

The star will designate films where the primary genre is not, or not strictly, Martial Arts, but they somehow relate to the overall series.
(I know that many of the early films are not really Martial Arts films as we know them, but for the time they were the genre.)

As I finish certain predefined “phases” of the list I will be posting a Top 10 list for that section as well.

The completed lists are available at the links below:

Top 10 Shaw Bros Martial Arts Films of the 1960s
Top 10 1970–1971 Shaw Bros Martial Arts Films
Top 10 1972–1973 Shaw Bros Martial Arts Films
Top 10 1974–1975 Shaw Bros Martial Arts Films
Top 10 1976–1977 Shaw Bros Martial Arts Films


If you have any questions, you want to tell me I’m crazy, whatever, feel free to leave a comment.

So without further ado… the list!


Temple of the Red Lotus Hsu Cheng Hung 10/01/1965
The Twin Swords Hsu Cheng Hung 12/22/1965


The Monkey Goes West Ho Meng-Hua 01/18/1966 *
Downhill They Ride Peter Pan Lei 02/04/1966 *
Tiger Boy (Unavailable) Chang Cheh 02/16/1966
Come Drink With Me
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King Hu 04/07/1966
The Knight of Knights Hsih Chun 05/18/1966
Princess Iron Fan Ho Meng-Hua 08/09/1966 *
The Magnificent Trio Chang Cheh 11/08/1966


That Man in Chang-An Yen Chun 02/18/1967
Trail of the Broken Blade Chang Cheh 03/04/1967
The Sword and the Lute Hsu Cheng Hung 04/21/1967
The Thundering Sword Hsu Cheng Hung 05/09/1967
The One-Armed Swordsman Chang Cheh 07/26/1967
The Cave of Silken Web Ho Meng-Hua 08/21/1967 *
The Silent Swordsman Kao Li 09/14/1967
Dragon Inn
(Non-Shaw Independent)
King Hu 10/21/1967
Rape of the Sword Griffin Yueh Feng 11/08/1967
King Cat Hsu Cheng Hung 12/05/1967
The Assassin Chang Cheh 12/22/1967


The Land of Many Perfumes Ho Meng-Hua 01/26/1968 *
The Black Butterfly Lo Wei 03/06/1968
The Silver Fox Hsu Cheng Hung 03/13/1968
Golden Swallow Chang Cheh 04/04/1968
The Magnificent Swordsman Griffin Yueh Feng & Cheng Kang 05/02/1968
Killer Darts Ho Meng-Hua 05/09/1968
The Bells of Death Griffin Yueh Feng 06/30/1968
That Fiery Girl Yen Chun 07/18/1968
The Sword of Swords Cheng Kang 08/23/1968
Death Valley Lo Wei 10/11/1968
The Jade Raksha Ho Meng-Hua 11/14/1968
The Enchanted Chamber Hsih Chun 11/28/1968
The Fastest Sword Peter Pan Lei 12/11/1968


Twin Blades of Doom Doe Ching 01/01/1969
Killers Five Cheng Kang 02/14/1969
The Singing Thief Chang Cheh 02/14/1969 *
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman Chang Cheh 02/28/1969
A Thousand Year Old Fox
(Distributed in HK by Shaw Bros)
Shin Sang-Ok 03/08/1969
Twelve Deadly Coins Hsu Cheng Hung 03/13/1969
Dragon Swamp Lo Wei 03/27/1969
The Flying Dagger Chang Cheh 06/18/1969
The Invincible Fist Chang Cheh 06/30/1969
Dead End Chang Cheh 07/12/1969 *
Vengeance Is a Golden Blade Ho Meng-Hua 07/19/1969
Raw Courage Lo Wei 08/14/1969
The Swordmates Chang Ying & Pan Fan 10/08/1969
The Golden Sword Lo Wei 10/15/1969
Have Sword, Will Travel Chang Cheh 12/25/1969
Purple Darts Peter Pan Lei XX/XX/1969


The Wandering Swordsman Chang Cheh 02/04/1970
The Winged Tiger Shen Chiang 02/18/1970
From the Highway
(Cathay Studios)
Chang Tseng-Chai 02/20/1970
Lady of Steel Ho Meng-Hua 02/27/1970
Brothers Five Lo Wei 03/26/1970
The Golden Knight Griffin Yueh Feng 04/17/1970
Heads for Sale Cheng Chang Ho 05/06/1970
Vengeance! Chang Cheh 05/14/1970
The Twelve Gold Medallions Cheng Kang 07/01/1970
Swordswomen Three Shen Chiang 08/05/1970
The Heroic Ones Chang Cheh 08/14/1970
A Taste of Cold Steel Griffin Yueh Feng 09/16/1970
Valley of the Fangs Cheng Chang Ho 10/06/1970
The Secret of the Dirk Hsu Cheng Hung 10/24/1970
The Iron Buddha Yen Chun 11/12/1970
The Chinese Boxer Jimmy Wang Yu 11/27/1970
The Singing Killer Chang Cheh 12/22/1970 *


King Eagle Chang Cheh 01/01/1971
The Bandits (Unavailable) Shin Sang-Ok 01/09/1971
The Lady Hermit Ho Meng-Hua 01/22/1971
The Invincible Eight (Golden Harvest) Lo Wei 01/22/1971
The New One-Armed Swordsman Chang Cheh 02/07/1971
Mission Impossible Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong 03/05/1971
Six Assassins Cheng Chang Ho 03/25/1971
The Jade Faced Assassin Yen Chun 04/09/1971
The Duel Chang Cheh 04/21/1971
The Eunuch Teddy Yip Wing-Cho 05/12/1971
The Merciful Sword (Unavailable) Peter Pan Lei 06/04/1971
The Golden Seal Tien Feng 06/23/1971
Redbeard Chang Tseng-Chai 07/09/1971 *
The Crimson Charm Huang Feng 07/16/1971
The Anonymous Heroes Chang Cheh 07/24/1971 *
The Shadow Whip Lo Wei 08/06/1971
The Swift Knight Cheng Chang Ho 08/25/1971
Shadow Girl San Kei 09/10/1971
The Rescue Shen Chiang 09/24/1971
Duel of Fists Chang Cheh 10/01/1971
Lady with a Sword Kao Pao Shu 10/15/1971
Swordsman at Large Hsu Cheng Hung 10/22/1971
Vengeance of a Snow Girl Lo Wei 10/29/1971
The Big Boss (Golden Harvest) Lo Wei 10/31/1971
Duel for Gold Chor Yuen 11/06/1971
A Touch of Zen
(Non-Shaw Independent)
King Hu 11/18/1971
Oath of Death Pao Hsueh Li 12/10/1971
The Deadly Duo Chang Cheh 12/22/1971
The Long Chase Ho Meng-Hua 12/31/1971
The Mighty One Joseph Kuo Nan-Hong XX/XX/1971


The Killer Chor Yuen 01/08/1972
The Champion of Champions Lee Ga 01/21/1972
The Black Enforcer Ho Meng-Hua 01/28/1972
The Boxer From Shantung Chang Cheh & Pao Hsueh Li 02/11/1972
The Angry Guest Chang Cheh 02/29/1972
The Water Margin Chang Cheh, Wu Ma & Pao Hsueh Li 03/17/1972
Fist of Fury (Golden Harvest) Lo Wei 03/22/1972
The Casino Chang Tseng-Chai 03/30/1972 *
Finger of Doom Pao Hsueh Li 04/14/1972
The Young Avenger Griffin Yueh Feng 04/20/1972
King Boxer Cheng Chang Ho 04/28/1972
Trilogy of Swordsmanship Griffin Yueh Feng, Cheng Kang & Chang Cheh 05/11/1972
Pursuit Cheng Kang 06/01/1972
The Devil’s Mirror Sun Chung 06/15/1972
The Deadly Knives Chang Il-Ho 06/29/1972
Young People Chang Cheh 07/07/1972 *
The Fourteen Amazons Cheng Kang 07/27/1972
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan Chor Yuen 09/07/1972 *
The Delightful Forest Chang Cheh & Pao Hsueh Li 09/20/1972
The Imperial Swordsman Lin Fu Ti 10/05/1972
Man of Iron Chang Cheh & Pao Hsueh Li 10/12/1972
The Lizard Chor Yuen 11/01/1972
The Fugitive Chang Tseng-Chai 12/06/1972
The Black Tavern Teddy Yip Wing-Cho 12/16/1972
Four Riders Chang Cheh 12/22/1972 *
The Thunderbolt Fist Chang Il-Ho 12/30/1972
The Way of the Dragon (Golden Harvest) Bruce Lee 12/30/1972


Ambush Ho Meng-Hua 01/05/1973
The Champion
AKA Shanghai Lil and the Sun Luck Kid
Chu-Got Ching-Wan & Yeung Jing-Chan 01/12/1973
Call to Arms Shen Chiang 01/18/1973
The Delinquent Chang Cheh & Kuei Chi-Hung 02/15/1973
The Blood Brothers Chang Cheh 02/24/1973
The Villains Chor Yuen 03/09/1973 *
The Imperial Tomb Raiders Ting Shan-Hsi 03/30/1973
The Generation Gap Chang Cheh 04/20/1973 *
River of Fury Chang Tseng-Chai 05/04/1973
The Kiss of Death Ho Meng-Hua 05/11/1973 *
The Bastard Chor Yuen 06/02/1973
The Escaper Lee Tso-Nam 06/09/1973
The Boxers (Unavailable) Hou Cheng 06/12/1973
Police Force Chang Cheh & Ulysses Au-Yeung Jun 06/16/1973 *
The Big Fellow Wu Min-Hsiung 06/30/1973
Payment in Blood Kuei Chi-Hung 07/12/1973 *
Enter the Dragon (Warner Brothers/Golden Harvest) Robert Clouse 07/26/1973
The Pirate Chang Cheh, Wu Ma & Pao Hsueh Li 07/27/1973
Na Cha and the Seven Devils Tetsuya Yamanouchi 08/31/1973 *
The Master of Kung Fu Ho Meng-Hua 09/12/1973
Flight Man
AKA The Ma Lan Flying Man
Ting Shan-Hsi 10/24/1973
Iron Bodyguard Chang Cheh & Pao Hsueh Li 12/08/1973
Heroes of Sung Shen Chiang XX/XX/1973


Crazy Nuts of Kung Fu Lee Tso-Nam 01/03/1974
Village of Tigers Griffin Yueh Feng & Wong Ping 01/12/1974
Heroes Two
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Chang Cheh 01/19/1974
The Savage Five Chang Cheh 02/15/1974
The Shadow Boxer Pao Hsueh Li 03/07/1974
Men From the Monastery
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Chang Cheh 04/03/1974
The Drug Addict David Chiang 05/10/1974 *
Rivals of Kung Fu Wong Fung 05/25/1974
Virgins of the Seven Seas
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Kuei Chih-Hung & Ernst Hofbauer 06/21/1974
Well of Doom Ting Shan-Hsi 06/25/1974
Friends Chang Cheh 06/29/1974 *
Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires
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Roy Ward Baker 07/11/1974 *
Shaolin Martial Arts Chang Cheh 08/03/1974
Supermen Against the Orient Bitto Albertini 09/07/1974
Young Lovers on Flying Wheels Ti Lung 09/20/1974 *
Na Cha the Great Chang Cheh 09/27/1974
The Tea House Kuei Chi-Hung 10/17/1974 *
Five Tough Guys Pao Hsueh Li 11/15/1974
Kidnap Cheng Kang 11/28/1974 *
Five Shaolin Masters Chang Cheh 12/25/1974
Shatter Michael Carreras XX/XX/1974 *
This Time I’ll Make You Rich Gianfranco Parolini XX/XX/1974 *


The Young Rebel Ti Lung 02/08/1975
The Flying Guillotine Ho Meng-Hua 02/18/1975
Blood Money Antonio Margheriti 04/03/1975 *
The Gambling Syndicate Chang Tseng-Chai 04/19/1975
All Men Are Brothers Chang Cheh & Wu Ma 05/10/1975
Lady of the Law Shen Chiang & Stanley Siu Wing 06/07/1975
Disciples of Shaolin Chang Cheh 06/28/1975
Big Brother Cheng Kuei Chi-Hung 07/16/1975 *
The Super Inframan
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Hua Shan 08/05/1975 *
Supermen Against the Amazons Alfonso Brescia 08/06/1975 *
The Imposter Pao Hsueh-Li 08/09/1975
The Fantastic Magic Baby Chang Cheh 08/15/1975
The Taxi Driver Pao Hsueh-Li 08/28/1975 *
The Bloody Escape Chang Cheh & Sun Chung 10/25/1975
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold Chuck Bail 11/07/1975
The Spiritual Boxer Lau Kar-Leung 11/28/1975
The Golden Lion Ho Meng-Hua 12/21/1975
Marco Polo Chang Cheh 12/25/1975
The New Game of Death Lin Bing XX/XX/1975
The Protectors Wu Ma XX/XX/1975


Bruce Lee and I John Law Ma 01/09/1976
Heroes of the Underground Pao Hsueh Li 01/27/1976 *
Boxer Rebellion Chang Cheh 01/29/1976
The Sexy Killer
AKA The Drug Connection
Sun Chung 02/12/1976 *
Killer Clans Chor Yuen 03/20/1976
7-Man Army Chang Cheh, Hung Ting-Miu & Wu Ma 04/16/1976
The Dragon Missile Ho Meng-Hua 04/24/1976
Challenge of the Masters
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Lau Kar-Leung 05/07/1976
The Condemned David Chiang 05/27/1976
Emperor Chien Lung Wong Fung 06/02/1976 *
The Shaolin Avengers Chang Cheh & Wu Ma 06/18/1976
The Magic Blade
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Chor Yuen 07/10/1976
Brotherhood Hua Shan 07/20/1976 *
The Snake Prince Lo Chen 07/31/1976 *
Killers on Wheels Kuei Chih-Hung 08/26/1976 *
The New Shaolin Boxers Chang Cheh & Wu Ma 09/03/1976
Big Bad Sis Sun Chung 10/07/1976 *
The Web of Death Chor Yuen 10/28/1976
King Gambler Cheng Kang 11/24/1976 *
Shaolin Temple Chang Cheh & Wu Ma 12/22/1976


Lady Exterminator Sun Chung 01/20/1977 *
Executioners from Shaolin
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Lau Kar-Leung 02/16/1977
Clans of Intrigue Chor Yuen 03/05/1977
Deadly Angels Pao Hsueh-Li 03/31/1977 *
The Naval Commandos Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh Li, Wu Ma & Lau Wai-Ban 04/07/1977
Jade Tiger Chor Yuen 05/07/1977
Magnificent Wanderers Chang Cheh & Wu Ma 05/27/1977
The Adventures of Emperor Chien Lung Li Han-Hsiang 06/03/1977 *
Death Duel Chor Yuen 07/07/1977
To Kill a Jaguar Hua Shan 07/23/1977
The Brave Archer Chang Cheh 07/30/1977
Judgement of an Assassin Sun Chung 08/20/1977
The Battle Wizard Pao Hsueh-Li 09/09/1977
The Sentimental Swordsman Chor Yuen 10/14/1977
Chinatown Kid
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Chang Cheh 12/02/1977
Pursuit of Vengeance Chor Yuen 12/22/1977


Flying Guillotine, Part II Cheng Kang & Hua Shan 01/19/1978
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Lau Kar-Leung 02/02/1978
Clan of Amazons Chor Yuen 02/19/1978
The Vengeful Beauty Ho Meng-Hua 03/11/1978
The Proud Youth Sun Chung 03/30/1978
Soul of the Sword Hua Shan 04/21/1978
The Brave Archer Part II Chang Cheh 05/13/1978
Island of Virgins (Unavailable) Hua Shan 06/03/1978 *
Shaolin Hand Lock Ho Meng-Hua 06/10/1978
Shaolin Mantis Lau Kar-Leung 06/28/1978
Legend of the Bat Chor Yuen 07/08/1978
My Kung Fu Master (Eternal) Wong Wa-Kei 07/13/1978 *
The Five Venoms Chang Cheh 08/12/1978
The Avenging Eagle Sun Chung 09/13/1978
The Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung Li Han-Hsiang 10/06/1978 *
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre Chor Yuen 10/19/1978
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, Part II Chor Yuen 10/27/1978
Swordsman And Enchantress Chor Yuen 11/08/1978
Invincible Shaolin Chang Cheh 11/19/1978
Crippled Avengers Chang Cheh 12/21/1978
Heroes of the East Lau Kar-Leung 12/30/1978
Showdown at the Cotton Mill
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Wu Ma XX/XX/1978


Full Moon Scimitar Chor Yuen 01/25/1979
The Spiritual Boxer, Part II Lau Kar-Leung 02/15/1979
Life Gamble Chang Cheh 02/22/1979
The Reckless Cricket Kuei Chi-Hung 03/16/1979
Shaolin Rescuers Chang Cheh 03/24/1979
The Deadly Breaking Sword Sun Chung 04/12/1979
The Brothers Hua Shan 04/27/1979
Monkey Kung Fu John Law Ma 05/05/1979
Murder Plot Chor Yuen 05/30/1979
The Kung-Fu Instructor Sun Chung 06/16/1979
The Daredevils Chang Cheh 06/29/1979
Abbot of Shaolin Ho Meng-Hua 07/11/1979
The Proud Twins Chor Yuen 07/19/1979
Dirty Ho Lau Kar-Leung 08/04/1979
Five Superfighters John Law Ma 09/01/1979
Crystal Fist (Eternal) Wa Yat-Wang 09/06/1979
The Tigress of Shaolin Law Kei 09/15/1979
The Magnificent Ruffians Chang Cheh 09/20/1979
Mad Monkey Kung Fu Lau Kar-Leung 10/05/1979
Sun Dragon (Eternal) Wa Yat-Wang 10/25/1979
The Kid with the Golden Arm Chang Cheh 11/02/1979
Invincible Enforcer Cheng Kang 11/09/1979
To Kill a Mastermind Sun Chung 11/23/1979
Ten Tigers of Kwantung Chang Cheh XX/XX/1979


Clans of the White Lotus Lo Lieh 01/01/1980
Heaven and Hell Chang Cheh 01/19/1980
The Convict Killer Chor Yuen 03/21/1980
Killer Constable Kuei Chi-Hung 03/28/1980
Two Champions of Shaolin Chang Cheh 04/12/1980
Coward Bastard Kuei Chi-Hung 05/02/1980
The Master Tony Liu Jun-Guk 05/23/1980
The Kid with a Tattoo Sun Chung 06/17/1980
Swift Sword Ho Meng-Hua 07/01/1980
Heroes Shed No Tears Chor Yuen 07/24/1980
Flag of Iron Chang Cheh 08/14/1980
Return to the 36th Chamber Lau Kar-Leung 08/24/1980
The Rebel Intruders Chang Cheh 09/11/1980
A Deadly Secret T. F. Mou Tun-Fei 09/23/1980
Rendezvous with Death Sun Chung 10/17/1980
The Shaolin Heroes
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Wu Ma 10/23/1980
Legend of the Fox Chang Cheh 11/15/1980
Bat Without Wings Chor Yuen 12/11/1980
The Boxer from the Temple John Lo Ma XX/XX/1980
The Fighting Fool Patrick Yuen Ho-Chuen XX/XX/1980


My Young Auntie
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Lau Kar-Leung 01/01/1981
Return of the Sentimental Swordsman Chor Yuen 01/31/1981
Lion vs. Lion Xu Kia & Chien Yue-Sang 02/19/1981
The Sword Stained with Royal Blood Chang Cheh 03/06/1981
Challenge of the Gamesters Wong Jing 04/30/1981 *
Kung Fu Executioner Lam Chin-Wai 05/08/1981
Masked Avengers Chang Cheh 05/15/1981
The Treasure Hunters Lau Kar-Wing 07/09/1981
The Emperor and His Brother Chor Yuen 07/23/1981
Martial Club Lau Kar-Leung 08/20/1981
Kung Fu Zombie Wa Yat-Wang 10/01/1981
Bloody Parrot Hua Shan 10/02/1981
The Duel of the Century Chor Yuen 10/22/1981
The Brave Archer, Part III Chang Cheh 11/12/1981
Black Lizard Chor Yuen 11/26/1981
Ambitious Kung Fu Girl Tony Liu Jun-Guk 12/10/1981
What Price Honesty Yuan Hao-Chuan XX/XX/1981
Ninja in the Deadly Trap
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Phillip Kwok Chun-Fung,
Chiang Sheng & Lu Feng


House of Traps Chang Cheh 01/09/1982
Legendary Weapons of China Lau Kar-Leung 01/21/1982
Shaolin Temple
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Cheung Yam-Yim 01/21/1982 *
Clan Feuds Cheung Paang-Yee 02/19/1982
Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave Lee Chiu 02/19/1982
The Brave Archer and His Mate Chang Cheh 02/25/1982
Five Element Ninjas Chang Cheh 04/21/1982
Gang Master Tsui Siu-Ming 04/28/1982
Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman Chor Yuen 05/13/1982
Lovers Blades Tony Liu Jun-Guk 05/22/1982
The Spirit of the Sword Chor Yuen 06/17/1982
Kid From Kwangtung Xu Kia 07/02/1982
Human Lanterns Sun Chung 07/14/1982
The Fake Ghost Catchers Lau Kar-Wing 07/30/1982
Buddha’s Palm Wong Tai-Loi 08/20/1982
Cat vs. Rat Lau Kar-Leung 09/30/1982
Tiger Killer Li Han-Hsiang 10/28/1982
My Rebellious Son Sun Chung 11/26/1982
Ode to Gallantry Chang Cheh 12/16/1982
Mercenaries from Hong Kong Wong Jing 12/22/1982


Ghosts Galore Hsu Hsia 01/06/1983
The Lady Assassin Tony Liu Jun-Guk 01/15/1983
The Roving Swordsman Chor Yuen 01/28/1983
Shaolin Prince Tang Chia 02/25/1983
Portrait in Crystal Hua Shan 03/11/1983
Tales of a Eunuch Hua Shan 03/24/1983
The Lady is the Boss Lau Kar-Leung 03/31/1983
The Weird Man Chang Cheh 05/05/1983
Usurpers of Emperor’s Power Hua Shan 05/27/1983
Holy Flame of the Martial World Tony Liu Jun-Guk 06/10/1983
Demon of the Lute Lung Yat-Sing 08/04/1983
Bastard Swordsman Tony Liu Jun-Guk 09/30/1983
Shaolin Intruders Tang Chia 10/06/1983
Attack of the Joyful Goddess
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh 10/06/1983 *
Little Dragon Maiden Hua Shan 12/02/1983
Descendant of the Sun Chor Yuen 12/16/1983
The Demons
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh XX/XX/1983 *

*Note: Chang Cheh’s movies were all independently produced in Taiwan after his exodus from Shaw Brothers in 1983 (his last film with them was The Weird Man.)


Kids from Shaolin
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Cheung Yam-Yim 01/26/1984 *
The 8-Diagram Pole Fighter Lau Kar-Leung 02/17/1984
Return of Bastard Swordsman Tony Liu Jun-Guk 03/22/1984
New Tales of the Flying Fox Lau Sze-Yu 04/07/1984
Wits of the Brats Wong Jing 05/24/1984
The Hidden Power of Dragon Sabre Chor Yuen 06/19/1984
Secret Service of the Imperial Court Tony Liu Jun-Guk 10/19/1984
I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad! Xu Kia 11/02/1984
The Supreme Swordsman Li Pak-Ling XX/XX/1984
The Enchantress Chor Yuen XX/XX/1984
Opium and the Kung Fu Master Tang Chia XX/XX/1984
Long Road to Gallantry Lung Yat-Sing XX/XX/1984
The Shanghai Thirteen
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh XX/XX/1984 *
Death Ring
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh XX/XX/1984 *


Crazy Shaolin Disciples Yau Ka-Hung 01/05/1985
The Master Strikes Back Sun Chung 01/19/1985
Disciples of the 36th Chamber Lau Kar-Leung 05/17/1985
Hong Kong Godfather Johnny Wang Lung-Wei 10/27/1985
The Young Vagabond Lau Sze-Yu XX/XX/1985
Journey of the Doomed Cha Chuen-Yee XX/XX/1985
Thunderclap Tony Leung Siu-Hung XX/XX/1985
Dancing Warrior
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh XX/XX/1985 *

 *Note: Just about everything after this point is not a true Shaw Brothers film. Some were produced by affiliate companies and released under their name, others were attempts to revive the name. More details will be included in the reviews whenever I get all the way down here.


Martial Arts of Shaolin Lau Kar-Leung 02/01/1986
Great Shanghai 1937
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh 08/28/1986


Cross the River
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh 04/29/1988


The Slaughter in Xian
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh 11/15/1990
Hidden Hero
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh XX/XX/1990


Journey to the West
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh XX/XX/1991


The Bare-Footed Kid Johnnie To Kei-Fung 04/03/1993
Ninja in Ancient China
(Non-Shaw Independent)
Chang Cheh XX/XX/1993


Hero Corey Yuen Kwai 06/07/1997


Drunken Monkey Lau Kar-Leung 05/22/2003