Jackie Chan is one of my favorite action stars of all time.
This page will serve as a hub for all my reviews of his films,
and also as a schedule for what will come next
as I review my way chronologically through the films.

As I work my way through, I’ll be making lists for the decades.
The first two are complete and can be accessed at the links below!

Top 5 1970s Jackie Chan Films
Top 10 1980s Jackie Chan Films
Top 10 1990s Jackie Chan Films

The 1970s

Title Director Release Date
The Cub Tiger from Kwangtung Ngai Hoi-Fung XX/XX/1973
New Fist of Fury Lo Wei 07/08/1976
The Hand of Death John Woo 07/15/1976
The Killer Meteors Lo Wei 08/21/1976
Shaolin Wooden Men Chen Chi-Hwa 11/10/1976
To Kill With Intrigue Lo Wei 07/22/1977
Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow Yuen Woo-Ping 03/01/1978
Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin Chen Chi-Hwa 03/08/1978
Magnificent Bodyguards Lo Wei 04/27/1978
Drunken Master Yuen Woo-Ping 10/05/1978
Spiritual Kung Fu Lo Wei 11/23/1978
The Fearless Hyena Jackie Chan 02/17/1979
Dragon Fist Lo Wei 04/21/1979
Master with Cracked Fingers Gam Yam XX/XX/1979

The 1980s

Title Director Release Date
The Young Master
See also: Uncle Jasper’s Review
Jackie Chan 02/09/1980
Half a Loaf of Kung Fu Chen Chi-Hwa 07/01/1980
The Big Brawl Robert Clouse 09/10/1980
The Cannonball Run Hal Needham 08/27/1981
Dragon Lord Jackie Chan 01/21/1982
Fantasy Mission Force Chu Yen-Ping 02/13/1983
Fearless Hyena II Chan Chuen 03/04/1983
Winners and Sinners Sammo Hung 07/07/1983
Project A Jackie Chan 12/22/1983
Cannonball Run II Hal Needham 06/29/1984
Wheels on Meals
See also: Uncle Jasper’s Review
Sammo Hung 08/17/1984
My Lucky Stars Sammo Hung 02/10/1985
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars Sammo Hung 08/15/1985
The Protector James Glickenhaus 08/23/1985
Heart of Dragon Sammo Hung 10/16/1985
Police Story Jackie Chan 12/14/1985
Armour of God Jackie Chan 01/21/1987
Project A II Jackie Chan 08/19/1987
Dragons Forever Sammo Hung 02/11/1988
Police Story Part II Jackie Chan 08/20/1988
Miracles Jackie Chan 06/15/1989

The 1990s

Title Director Release Date
Armour of God II: Operation Condor Jackie Chan 02/07/1991
Island of Fire Chu Yen-Ping 08/01/1991
The Twin Dragons Ringo Lam & Tsui Hark 01/15/1992
Police Story III: Supercop Stanley Tong 07/04/1992
Crime Story Kirk Wong 06/24/1993
City Hunter Wong Jing 01/16/1993
Drunken Master II Lau Kar-Leung 02/03/1994
Rumble in the Bronx Stanley Tong 01/21/1995
Thunderbolt Gordon Chan 08/05/1995
Police Story 4: First Strike Stanley Tong 02/10/1996
Mr. Nice Guy Sammo Hung 01/31/1997
Who Am I? Jackie Chan & Benny Chan 01/17/1998
Rush Hour Brett Ratner 09/18/1998
Gorgeous Vincent Kok 02/13/1999

The 2000s

Title Director Release Date
Shanghai Noon Tom Dey 05/26/2000
The Accidental Spy Teddy Chan 01/18/2001
Rush Hour 2 Brett Ratner 08/03/2001
The Tuxedo Kevin Donovan 09/27/2002
Shanghai Knights David Dobkin 02/07/2003
The Medallion Gordon Chan 08/15/2003
Around the World in 80 Days Frank Coraci 06/16/2004
New Police Story Benny Chan 09/24/2004
The Myth Stanley Tong 09/23/2005
Rob-B-Hood Benny Chan 09/29/2006
Rush Hour 3 Brett Ratner 08/10/2007
The Forbidden Kingdom Rob Minkoff 04/18/2008
Shinjuku Incident Derek Yee 04/02/2009

The 2010s

Title Director Release Date
The Spy Next Door Brian Levant 01/15/2010
Little Big Soldier Ding Sheng 02/25/2010
The Karate Kid Harald Zwart 06/11/2010
Shaolin Benny Chan 01/19/2011
1911 Jackie Chan & Zhang Li 09/23/2011
Chinese Zodiac Jackie Chan 12/20/2012
Police Story 2013 Ding Sheng 12/24/2013
Dragon Blade Daniel Lee 02/19/2015
Skiptrace Renny Harlin 07/21/2016
Railroad Tigers Ding Sheng 12/23/2016
Kung-Fu Yoga Stanley Tong 01/27/2017
The Foreigner Martin Campbell 10/13/2017
Bleeding Steel Leo Zhang Li-Jia 12/22/2017
Namiya Jie Han 12/29/2017
The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang Vash (Jia Yan) 02/05/2019
Viy 2
AKA Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask
Oleg Stepchenko 08/16/2019
The Climbers Daniel Lee 09/30/2019

The 2020s

Title Director Release Date
Vanguard Stanley Tong XX/XX/2020
Project X-Traction Scott Waugh XX/XX/2020

Related Films & Documentaries

Title Director Release Date
Jackie Chan: My Story Jackie Chan 11/17/1998
Jackie Chan: My Stunts Jackie Chan 03/30/1999
Traces of a Dragon Mabel Cheung 05/16/2003
A Tale of Three Cities Mabel Cheung 08/27/2015