It’s our one year anniversary!

I can’t believe it but it’s already been a whole year! On this day in 2010 I officially started Silver Emulsion with a laughably bad review of a movie I did not enjoy, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. I endlessly re-wrote it, even after posting, trying to get it just right. I never did succeed, but I quickly realized that if I was going to make a go of this blog thing, I had to learn to let go! Overall, I’m pretty happy with where the blog is now in terms of my writing and I hope everyone else thinks so too.

One of my favorite parts of the site is the three Film Festival extravaganzas we did last year: A Fistful of Djangos (an eight film look at the spaghetti western Django and some of the many clone films), The Clones of Bruce Lee (a four film series by Uncle Jasper on… the clones of Bruce Lee) & Shaw Bros. Horror (a four film lineup of horror movies from the studio known for its amazing martial arts film). The Shaw Bros. Horror fest capped off the month of October, where we did nothing but horror movie reviews all month-long. These ultimately did not prove very popular, but I enjoyed doing them greatly and will definitely be continuing the tradition in the future.

In addition to those series, I’ve also been doing a couple of running series: one to eventually work my way through the entire Empire International / Full Moon catalog of films, and another to review all the films of one of my favorite directors, Samuel Fuller. Eventually if I ever finish one of these, I’d love to do an ongoing series on all the Godzilla films! Something to look forward to.

To celebrate this occasion, I’m taking the week off. I’ll resume regular postings next Tuesday. In the meantime I’ve trolled through the archives and dredged up some of my favorite reviews from the past year for your reading pleasure. I’ve also highlighted some of my favorite reviews from Uncle Jasper, my sometimes partner-in-crime. Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of the first year and here’s to another good one!

Will Silver:
Broken Embraces
The Big Red One
Troll 2
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The Karate Kid (2010)
The Red Shoes
Do the Right Thing

Uncle Jasper:
Super Inframan
Tromeo & Juliet
The Young Master
Maniac Cop
Santo vs. the Vampire Women
Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy
Challenge of the Masters
Robot Jox
Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare

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  • Hey Will,

    Congrats on the anniversary! I really enjoy your reviews and insights. I also think they are very well written and I love that your “voice” comes through so strongly in each review. The same goes for Jasper. You guys come across as two different personalities and it’s refreshing to read the different viewpoints. Great work and SE is becoming one of my fave movie review sites! Best, Joel

  • Happy birthday Silver Emulsion! Congrats on hitting the one-year mark guys 🙂

  • Uncle Jasper

    Congrats on the SE anniversary Will! Can’t believe it’s been a year! Thanks for letting me be a part of it, even if balancing work and family obligations ultimately cut my reviewing stint a little shorter than expected. It’s still fun playing catchup and reading your recent reviews. Props for being a champion to the obscure and forgotten stuff that the straighter-edge review blogs won’t touch. Thanks to Silver Emulsion I bore witness to more cinematic vagina, ass, satanic battles, dinosaur births, and wolfman wrestling than most men will get to see in their lifetimes… Badass!!

    • Thanks! I have a hard time believing it has been a year myself. I’ve been doing my best to balance the obscure with the popular, but looking back at my recent posts I see that it’s mostly fringe cinema… gotta stick with what’s fun when time’s limited. And as always, you’re welcome to shoot out a review any time you want man! I do what I can but I can’t hold a candle to the mayhem your selections bring to the table.

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