7 Years Old!

Alright, here we are again; another year is in the can! Silver Emulsion entered its 7th year about six weeks ago (on April 12th), but I just now had the time and the inclination to write this thing. I think I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet, but who knows… we could have a 2000-word behemoth on our hands by the end of this.

Well, I’ve done pretty well this year, keeping my nose to the grindstone and putting out reviews consistently. The Arnold series was finished off in the last year, including all the cameo roles I had on the list. I’ve also started the Silver Emulsion podcast, and somehow it’s already been nearly a year since I started doing that! I’ve also started writing reviews for the official Shaw Brothers website run by Celestial Pictures!

What’s going on in the next year / Did I predict correctly last year?

  • I predicted I might be close to finishing Jackie, but what’s remaining is still in the double digits. I am well into the 2000s, though, so I will most assuredly finish the series in Year 7… and maybe even before 2017 is over!
  • I just did a count and at my current pace of a new review every other week, I have almost exactly one year of Full Moon reviews left… which is pretty much exactly where I predicted I’d be last year. I must have cheated and counted them out or got a Review Almanac from the future or something. 🙂 But Jackie should finish first, so theoretically this would finish off sooner than one year, too.
  • I’m very happy to have exceeded my conservative Shaw Brothers prediction, ending up almost done with 1975 at this point. At this rate, I should be somewhere around 1977 by next year.
    • Although… with the Jackie and Full Moon series both potentially ending before Emulsion Year 8 begins, I might even be further along! Let’s hope that’s the case, and that I can successfully manage to then bang out two Shaw reviews a week! We’ll see!

Anyway, it’s been a great year for Silver Emulsion and I hope it was a good one for you, too. Here’s to another year of reviews! Thanks to everyone who reads, shares, comments or otherwise contributes to the overall thing that this website is. Hahaha, “the overall thing that this website is,” whatever the hell that means. 🙂

4 comments to 7 Years Old!

  • Happy birthday to a great great blog! And congrats on getting that Celestial Pictures gig; so glad they asked someone who really understands the movies.

  • Aw man, congrats on the anniversary! It’s amazing to me how much things have grown over here over the course of the last seven years. I’ve been digging around reading some of the old reviews and they bring back so many memories. It really comforts me that this site is still going strong… I truly believe that you’re here to fill in the cracks of the cinematic landscape that other sites seem to miss. Keep going strong dude. I’m still working on my Dead Heat review! I’ll have it ready for you by the 10th anniversary! I promise!!

    • Thanks, man! The old stuff brings me right back, too. Your comment reminded me of something else “big” that happened just a little bit ago: quotes from my review now adorn the poster, DVD and Blu-ray of Full Moon’s Evil Bong 666! Hahaha, my ancestors are surely looking down on me with great pride!

      Hahahaha, that’s gonna be one epic Dead Heat review. I can’t wait!

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