If you didn’t already know, Celestial has made many Shaw Brothers films available via iTunes! They’re beautiful HD-quality videos, and in many instances the film comes with both subtitled and dubbed versions. Certain movies — such as one of my favorites Vengeance! — even make their North American debut (unless Vengeance! had some VHS release I’m not aware of). In any case, if you’re a Shaw Brothers fan this is a fantastic way to build up your collection with many films not available on Region 1 DVD or Blu-ray. The films are also available on other International iTunes stores, and I’ve been told that these links will work around the world, so get clickin’!

But if you’ve used iTunes before, then you know that the search function is far from perfect. Manually searching for all the Shaw Brothers movies can be a real chore, so that’s why I’m providing a list of all the films currently available, as well as direct links to them on iTunes! I update this periodically, too, as new films are added to the service.

Pricing varies depending on when Celestial uploaded them to iTunes. Older releases are: Rentals for $2.99 SD or $3.99 HD, while purchasing runs $4.99 SD or $7.99 HD. The newer releases are priced as follows: Rentals for $3.99 SD or $3.99 HD, while purchasing runs $5.99 SD or $9.99 HD. There have been sales in the past (such as a $0.99 rental of 36th Chamber of Shaolin), so if you’re an interested fan, you should definitely like Celestial’s Shaw Brothers Facebook page so you don’t miss any deals!

This list has grown a lot since I first made it. In the coming updates I will make it more readable in a format similar to my hub page for the Shaw Brothers review series.

Currently up for both rental and sale (in SD or HD):
(Click the film title to see the film in iTunes!)

7-Man Army — (My Review)
The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter
The 14 Amazons — (My Review, 2nd Review)
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin — (Article)

All Men are Brothers — (My Review)
The Angry Guest — (My Review)
The Anonymous Heroes — (My Review)
The Assassin — (My Review)
The Avenging Eagle

The Barefooted Kid
Bastard Swordsman — (Article)
Bat Without Wings
The Battle Wizard
Behind the Yellow Line
The Bells of Death — (My Review)
The Black Lizard
Black Magic — (My Review)
Black Magic 2 — (My Review)
The Blood Brothers — (My Review)
The Boxer from Shantung — (My Review)
Boxer Rebellion — (My Review)
The Brave Archer
The Brave Archer 2
The Brave Archer 3
The Brave Archer and his Mate
Brothers Five — (My Review)
Buddha’s Palm

The Casino — (My Review)
Casino Tycoon
Casino Tycoon II
Cat vs. Rat
Challenge of the Masters — (My Review, Uncle Jasper’s Review)
Chinatown Kid — (Uncle Jasper’s Review)
The Chinese Boxer — (My Review)
Clan of Amazons
Clan of the White Lotus — (Article)
Come Drink with Me — (My Reviews [1, 2], Podcast)
Crippled Avengers

The Deadly Breaking Sword
The Deadly Duo — (My Review)
NEW! The Deadly Knives — (My Review)
Death Duel
The Delightful Forest — (My Review, Podcast)
Destiny’s Champion
Dirty Ho
Disciples of Shaolin — (My Review)
Disciples of the 36th Chamber
NEW! Doubles Cause Troubles
The Dragon Missile — (My Review)
The Duel — (My Review)
Duel of Fists — (My Review)
Duel of the Century

The Emperor and his Brother
Executioners from Shaolin — (Uncle Jasper’s Review)

Five Element Ninjas
Five Shaolin Masters — (My Review)
Five Superfighters
The Five Venoms
The Flag of Iron
The Flying Dagger — (My Review)
The Flying Guillotine — (My Review)
Flying Guillotine 2
Four Riders — (My Review)
Full Moon Scimitar

Golden Swallow — (My Reviews [1, 2], Podcast)

Have Sword Will Travel — (My Review)
Heads for Sale — (My Review)
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, Part II
Heroes of the East
NEW! Heroes Shed No Tears
Heroes Two — (My Review, Uncle Jasper’s Review)
The Heroic Ones — (My Review)
Hex — (My Review)
NEW! Holy Flame of the Martial World
House of Traps
NEW! How to Pick Girls Up!
Human Lanterns

Invincible Enforcer
The Invincible Fist — (My Review)
Invincible Shaolin
NEW! Iron Bodyguard — (My Review)

Justice, My Foot! — (My Review)

Kid from Kwangtung
The Kid with a Tattoo
The Kid with the Golden Arm
Killer Clans — (My Review)
Killer Constable
King Boxer — (My Review)
The Kung Fu Instructor

NEW! The Lady Hermit — (My Review)
The Lady is the Boss
Legendary Weapons of China
Let’s Make Laugh
Life Gamble
Lion vs. Lion
Little Dragon Maiden
NEW! Long Road to Gallantry
Look Out, Officer!
NEW! Love in a Fallen City
Love On Delivery
NEW! Loving You

The Mad Monk
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
NEW! The Magic Blade — (My Review)
The Magnificent Trio — (My Review)
Magnificent Wanderers
Man of Iron — (My Review)
Marco Polo — (My Review)
Martial Arts of Shaolin
Martial Club
Masked Avengers
The Master of Kung Fu — (My Review)
The Master Strikes Back
Men From the Monastery — (My Reviews [1, 2], Uncle Jasper’s Review)
The Mighty Peking Man — (Uncle Jasper’s Review)
Monkey Kung Fu
My Rebellious Son
My School Mate, the Barbarian
My Young Auntie (Uncle Jasper’s Review)

The New One-Armed Swordsman — (My Review)
The New Shaolin Boxers

NEW! Ode to Gallantry
NEW! The Oily Maniac — (Uncle Jasper’s Review)
On the Wrong Track — (My Review)
One-Armed Swordsman — (My Review, 2nd Review)
Opium and the Kung Fu Master
Out of the Dark — (My Review)

Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman
The Pirate — (My Review)
The Proud Twins
NEW! The Proud Youth
Pursuit of Vengeance

NEW! Rendezvous with Death
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman — (My Review)
Return of the Sentimental Swordsman
Return to the 36th Chamber
Rivals of Kung Fu — (My Review)

The Savage Five — (My Review)
The Sentimental Swordsman
The Shadow Boxing
The Shadow Whip — (My Review)
Shaolin Abbot
The Shaolin Avengers — (My Review)
Shaolin Hand Lock
Shaolin Intruders — (My Review)
Shaolin Mantis
Shaolin Martial Arts — (My Review)
Shaolin Prince
Shaolin Rescuers
Shaolin Temple
Soul of the Sword
The Spiritual Boxer — (My Review)
The Super Inframan — (My Review, Uncle Jasper’s Review)
The Supreme Swordsman
NEW! The Sword And The Lute — (My Review)
The Sword of Swords — (My Review)
The Sword Stained With Royal Blood
Swordsman and Enchantress

Tales of a Eunuch
Teenage Dreamers — (My Review)
The Thunderbolt Fist — (My Review)
The Tigress of Shaolin
Trail of the Broken Blade — (My Review)
The Treasure Hunters
The Twin Swords — (My Review)
Two Champions of Shaolin

Valley of the Fangs — (My Review)
Vengeance! — (My Review)
The Vengeful Beauty

NEW! The Wandering Swordsman — (My Review)
The Water Margin — (My Review)
The Web of Death — (My Review)
The Weird Man
NEW! What Price Honesty
NEW! Wits of the Brats
NEW! Women

The Young Vagabond

That’s a whole lot of Shaw Brothers!