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If you didn’t already know, Celestial has made many Shaw Brothers films available via iTunes! They’re beautiful HD-quality videos, and in many instances the film comes with both subtitled and dubbed versions. Certain movies — such as one of my favorites Vengeance! — even make their North American debut (unless Vengeance! had some VHS release I’m not aware of). In any case, if you’re a Shaw Brothers fan this is a fantastic way to build up your collection with many films not available on Region 1 DVD or Blu-ray. The films are also available on other International iTunes stores, and I’ve been told that these links will work around the world, so get clickin’!

But if you’ve used iTunes before, then you know that the search function is far from perfect. Manually searching for all the Shaw Brothers movies can be a real chore, so that’s why I’m providing a list of all the films currently available, as well as direct links to them on iTunes! I update this periodically, too, as new films are added to the service.

Pricing varies depending on when Celestial uploaded them to iTunes. Older releases are: Rentals for $2.99 SD or $3.99 HD, while purchasing runs $4.99 SD or $7.99 HD. The newer releases are priced as follows: Rentals for $3.99 SD or $3.99 HD, while purchasing runs $5.99 SD or $9.99 HD. There have been sales in the past (such as a $0.99 rental of 36th Chamber of Shaolin), so if you’re an interested fan, you should definitely like Celestial’s Shaw Brothers Facebook page so you don’t miss any deals!

This list has grown a lot since I first made it. In the coming updates I will make it more readable in a format similar to my hub page for the Shaw Brothers review series.

Currently up for both rental and sale (in SD or HD):
(Click the film title to see the film in iTunes!)

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