I’m on a Podcast — Filmwhys #42 Rashomon and The Guyver

It’s that time again! Bubbawheat from the superhero-centric Flights, Tights & Movie Nights was kind enough to have me on his show Filmwhys again, but this time on a “real” episode where we go one-on-one about a pair of movies. I think this is my best podcast showing yet, so if you’ve been waiting around this is the one to listen to. (Although I haven’t listened back to it yet, so I reserve the right to change my mind. 😛 )

We talked about the classic Akira Kurosawa film Rashomon, and the ’90s “classic” The Guyver. Yes, they are two of the most opposite movies you could find, which is why they perfectly represent my love of both ends of the cinematic spectrum. And if you want to be cheeky you could say that thanks to the success of Rashomon opening the doors to foreign cinema in the US, The Guyver (being based on a manga) is partially in its debt! So every time you see a questionable film/TV show based on a Japanese property, feel free to tweet about it with a #ThanksRashomon hashtag! 🙂 Anyway it was a good talk and a lot of fun. I also did not have time to write full reviews — or any reviews, for that matter — of these films, so if want my thoughts you’ll have to listen!

If you want to do that, I’ve embedded it below! If you wanna subscribe to the show or listen on a portable device you can head to iTunes, Stitcher, or PodOmatic (and for convenience’s sake those links will take you right to the respective Filmwhys page on each service). And don’t forget to throw Bubbawheat some love, too! Subscribe to the show if you like it and check out his site!

As always, I love feedback, so if you listen to the show let me know what you think! Thanks for listening!

2 comments to I’m on a Podcast — Filmwhys #42 Rashomon and The Guyver

  • Stephen

    Ah, man, I made a mental note to listen to this, then forgot. Should have made a physical note instead I guess.

    Anyway, I remember liking Rashamon back when I saw it quite a few years back. I only vaguely remembered the bits you discussed, though, so maybe it’s time to go back and revisit it.

    It’s been even longer since I saw the anime version of Guyver. That was back in high school, and I have fond memories of it, although it was a pretty dumb monster action series. It’s one of those “classics” of dumb action anime. I was glad to hear that the live action version kept the steam blasting out of the Guyer’s “mouth.” I remember that being one of the defining traits of the anime Guyver as well. I’ve been wanting to go through and review it, but it’s been kinda hard to track down lately. I could probably dredge up an old out of print copy off Amazon or something, but just haven’t felt strongly enough about it. Maybe some day.

    • Well, thanks for listening regardless of time frame. (Although if you waited too long it might have been gone!)

      Rashomon is definitely worth re-watching! I hadn’t seen it in years and I found it to be even better than I remember. I’m definitely interested in The Guyver anime, so good to hear that it’s fun dumb action. I’ll have to watch it someday.

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