The contest is over and we have a winner!

Last week we held a contest based around the pelvic gyrations of Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta in Perfect, and now we have a bona fide winner! It’s good ole Rodney from! He gyrated and thrusted himself into the undisputed top spot and will be receiving the Decadent Valentine’s Day Package! Congrats, you earned it!

Will this be Rodney's prize?

Will this be Rodney’s prize?

But don’t think that the Valentine’s event is over! We still have two great movies to cover this week, so stay tuned for sexual perversity in Chicago and mechanical bulls! Oh baby!

2 comments to The contest is over and we have a winner!

  • If you send me that… whatever it is, and I wear it, I expect it to be published right here on this site. I have no shame.

    The first competition I ever enter, and I win something! Cool!! Thanks Will + Co!!

    • If that was the gift, I would proudly publish that picture of you wearing it, without question. Unfortunately, I can confirm that this lovely sweater is not the prize. 🙂

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