Ice Fest 2012!

Ardent fans of Silver Emulsion will already be eagerly awaiting this special event’s arrival, as it has its genesis in a comment on one of the reviews, but it’s now time to let everyone else in on the secret. Ice Fest 2012 will be upon us in a matter of weeks. But what is Ice Fest 2012, you ask? A look at the films of Ice T and Ice Cube, of course! In the deep heat of summer, I think we could all use a little ice to cool us down.

Special thanks go to Uncle Jasper for sparking this whole thing off with his comment.

The films covered will be as follows:

New Jack City
Stealth Fighter
Surviving the Game
Final Voyage

Boyz in the Hood
All About the Benjamins
The Glass Shield
Dangerous Ground

The two-week long series will come to its grand finale as the two Ices convene for the 1992 film Trespass.

I would love for others to participate along with me so feel free to write about these films on your own blogs and then send in the links.

14 comments to Ice Fest 2012!

  • Dude, I am so there! About the only film’s I’ve got here are Deep Blue Sea and XXX 2, neither of which are very good but then that’s okay, right? I’ll check in with a review or two later!! nice work!!

    • Hahahaha, yeah! I’m glad you’re excited for it! It doesn’t matter if the films are good. I specifically picked two “big” movies, and two low-budget movies to get a good range of stuff. And Deep Blue Sea is LL Cool J, man… you gotta keep those rapper-turned-actors straight! It should be a blast; I can’t wait!

      • Maybe LL Cool J can be the lead in. He’s not cold enough to be ice, but he can cool us down a bit in preparation for the glacier of action coming down!

        I keep trying to think of a way to tie in an anime with it, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen. The best I might be able to do is get something with “ice” in the title. Just not good enough, I think.

        • While I like your reasoning and I’ve wanted to see Deep Blue Sea for a while, I’ve got this month’s stuff already planned out (and mostly written strangely enough). I will try to fit in Deep Blue Sea if I can, but I don’t think it’s gonna work out.

          Yeah, I mulled over how we could connect anime to the Ices, but I couldn’t come up with anything either. Just sit back and enjoy the Ice!

      • Damn, you’re right! Man, I’m getting my black rappers all mixed up! Still, Deep Blue Sea…. man, what a shitty film.

        Right, I’ll have to scour my DVD shelf and see what I can muster up….

        • Hahaha, I’ve never seen it, but last year or so I saw Sam Jackson’s death in it and it’s been on my mind ever since. One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.


    Will, your blog continues to impress and entertain me.

    • Thanks, Jared! The idea is all Uncle Jasper’s, so I can’t take complete credit, but the execution is all me. I’m glad to bring some amusement to you.

  • I think I have Office Space (for Ice Cube) and The Other Guys (for Ice T – he’s the narrator). I also fell in to the LL Cool J trap, pulling out Deep Blue Sea, SWAT, Rollerball, H20, and The Hard Way. Unfortunately, wrecked myself before I checked myself.

    • I’m happy to have you on the Ice train, but I’m not sure what the Ice Cube connection is for Office Space. If you have Netflix Instant there are a number of options too. Maybe I’ll do a post of available online Ices for ease of access…

      If you end up posting something, just shoot me the link! Thanks!

  • Cool idea! I saw Ice-T’s documentary The Art of Rap last week. And Ice Cube is of course awesome in 21 Jump Street.

    • Ah man, lucky! I wanted to include Art of Rap and The Player’s Club in this as a look at the Ices directorial debuts, but Art of Rap never came out around me so I’ll have to wait till the DVD release. I didn’t know Ice Cube was in 21 Jump Street, but he’s generally great.

  • Stephen

    Man, I thought of this as a one time special event, but it sounds like there are a ton more movies these guys were involved with than I ever realized. Do I detect an Ice Fest 2013 coming along!?

    • There are definitely enough movies for another event, but I don’t think the films would work together as well as I hope this grouping will. Ice T has a plethora of interesting B-Movies that made whittling down the list for this incredibly hard. I wanted to watch them all and at some point I will. Ice Cube has far fewer films, as he’s more picky and tends to favor either heavy dramas or comedies. I will most likely do their directorial debuts in tandem whenever Ice T’s Art of Rap doc comes to DVD, because I’m dying to see it.

      So maybe not an Ice Fest 2013, but definitely a Return of Ice Fest in a few months.

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