Oh me, oh my, Arrow Video are bringing Shaw Brothers films to the US (& UK) on Blu-ray later this year! There were some US Blus prior to this, but the last one, Five Element Ninjas, came out in 2012!

Arrow’s release will be a 12-film, 8-Disc box set called Shawscope Vol. 1, and it will debut in December 2021. Yep, it’s just Volume 1! Besides that, I’m most excited that some films will have new scans from the negative (King Boxer, The Boxer from Shantung, Challenge of the Masters, The Five Venoms, Crippled Avengers and Dirty Ho), so maybe we’ll actually see some film grain 😮 ! Chinatown Kid will have a new scan of the longer, preferred cut! There will also be a book and tons of new extras… I can’t wait!

The set includes the following films:

  1. King Boxer (1972) AKA Five Fingers of Death [Review]
  2. The Boxer from Shantung (1972) [Review]
  3. Five Shaolin Masters (1974) [Review]
  4. Shaolin Temple (1976) [Review]
  5. Challenge of the Masters (1976) [Review]
  6. Mighty Peking Man (1977) [Review]
  7. Executioners from Shaolin (1977) [Review]
  8. Chinatown Kid (1977) [Review]
  9. The Five Venoms (1978) AKA Five Deadly Venoms [Review]
  10. Crippled Avengers (1978) AKA Return of the Five Deadly Venoms
  11. Heroes of the East (1978)
  12. Dirty Ho (1979)

The set is limited (number not announced), and pre-orders are live! Get it at Amazon, Diabolik DVD, or your retailer of choice!