The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 77 – Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain

This week on the Silver Emulsion Podcast, Stephen and I return to the fertile territory of the wuxia genre with Tsui Hark’s fantasy extravaganza Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain! Listen and enjoy! 🙂

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Music Notes


  • Jingo – Fever


  • Kazunaka Yamane – Setting Off (A New Battle)
    • From the NES version of Double Dragon (VGMPF)
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela – Hanuman

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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 77 – Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain

  • - Nick

    Great work as always guys. Rough week for me, my girlfriend’s dog Scruffy (a Schnauzer), was put to sleep on Sunday. 🙁

    Well… thought I’d share my (unfiltered) Impressions here of 2 Asian Movies relating to your previous Podcasts and/or my Comments.

    My 1st Impression’s List is to “ZU WARRIORS” (or “THE LEGEND OF ZU”) (2001):
    -Just as fast-paced and wall to wall action as I remember the original movie being.
    -Lot’s of interesting dialogue with well developed characters who have epic back stories.
    -Hit and miss CG (wall to wall!) inegration and effects, but very different in style to what I’m used to viewing here in the States. Seems more imaginative to me.
    -Very, very comic book like. Surprising to me that this Movie is from 2001 because it seems very similar with it’s techniques to Modern “Marvel” and “DC” movies. Probably a secret influence on the current generation of Live-action animators and renderers.

    The other one is for the Anime made by Miyazaki’s son Goro (whom we previously discussed) called “TALES FROM EARTHSEA” (2006), culled together from American author Ursulla Le Guinn’s (r.ip. 2018…) Earthsea series of novels:
    -Interesting scenario with a subtle fantasy backdrop. Great characters whose motivations seem realistic.
    -The drawings and animations are my favorite aspect of the movie, even the CG moments that were used as sudden fast-paced flourishes that made the world seem more real.
    -The Dragon’s were cool.
    -The lighting effects are awesome, an example that stands out is when the protagonist is sleeping on some giant stone steps as the sun is setting. The warm realistic colors and the subtle changes in lighting got to me on an emotional level.
    -The themes and messages in the movie are an interesting blend of Western and Eastern thoughts and ideas.

    A Like and a Like. – Nick

    (probably going to watch “Grave of the Fireflies” for the 1st time tonight)

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