The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 5 – The Boxer’s Omen


Episode 5! Take a listen as I ramble about The Boxer’s Omen, Junji Ito and various other movies!

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  • Two in-movie ads from The Stuff


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2 comments to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 5 – The Boxer’s Omen

  • That krasu thing you were talking about sounds an awful lot like the penanggalan, which is one of the weirdest mythical creatures I’ve ever read about. The penanggalan is a floating head with a bunch of entrails dangling from its neck, but it also has a body that it returns to when it’s done flying around and drinking blood. But it’s so bloated from its feasting that it can’t fit inside the human body it attaches to, so it has to soak in vinegar until the swelling goes down and it can stuff itself down the neck hole of its body. It’s some really weird shit.

    And wouldn’t you know it, according to Wikipedia the two are related:

  • Thanks for the shout out dude! I’m behind on the podcasts like an asshole, but I’m loving them. I agree, The Outing smelled. Hard to believe that turkey cost over $3 million. The monster looked like a soggy zucchini. For some reason I watched that movie like a dozen times as a kid and even at age 10 when the world is magical, I thought the movie was shit. Glad you gave The Fog some lovin’! I personally think that’s John Carpenter’s best score and a great, underrated movie. Anyway, keep the podcasts coming! I’ll be catching up over the next few! Loved The Stuff dipshits (this was supposed to say ‘sponsors’ but the auto-correct was too funny to fix)! Peace!

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