The Dark Crystal (1982)

The Dark Crystal (1982)

Vocal Talent: Stephen Garlick, Lisa Maxwell, Billie Whitelaw, Percy Edwards, Barry Dennen, Michael Kilgarriff, Jerry Nelson, Thick Wilson, John Baddeley, David Buck, Charles Collingwood, Sean Barrett, Mike Iveria, Patrick Monckton, Susan Westerby, Joseph O’Conor

Directed by Jim Henson & Frank Oz

Expectations: One of my favorites. I watch it every few years.

Here’s another review that I did for my buddy JP’s blog. I won two DVDs in his Oscar contest with the condition that I would review them for his site. Sounds like a fair trade to me! The first review went up a while ago for Buster Keaton’s The General and you can check that one out through the link a few words back. This week I fulfill my obligation with J.P. and with the review for Jim Henson’s masterful 1982 fantasy classic, The Dark Crystal. Check it out on J.P.’s website by clicking here!

2 comments to The Dark Crystal (1982)

  • oh yeah….love this one. Saw it a few times at the theater back in the day. I’m a little scared because I keep hearing they are working on a sequel. This one is truly best left alone as I don’t think they can recapture that magic without Jim Henson.

  • Ah man, I’m envious you got to see it in a theater! One of these days I hope to catch it in one. Yeah they’ve been talking about that sequel for years. It seems like it’s actually moving forward too, but like you, I don’t think it’ll be worthy of Henson’s legacy.

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