Mini-Review: The Knight of Knights (1966)

The Knight of Knights [文素臣] (1966)

Starring Lily Ho Li Li, Kiu Chong, Cheng Lui, Cliff Lok Kam Tung, Lily Li Li-Li, Chen Hung Lieh, Lee Ying, Tang Ti, Feng Yi, Lee Wan Chung

Written by Chang Cheh

Directed by Hsih Chun

Expectations: Low.

The Knight of Knights features an early take on martial arts chivalry with its multi-layered story of evildoers masquerading as monks capturing women and raping them and the men that do what they can to stop them. It’s no surprise to see that the script comes from legendary director Chang Cheh, who worked and re-worked the martial chivalry plot throughout his career. Unfortunately Chang Cheh does not direct here, the duties falling instead to Hsih Chun. Hsih Chun’s work is capable but does nothing to excite or intrigue the viewer. Enjoyment of The Knight of Knights comes strictly from your love and tireless desire for old Shaw Brothers movies and their reused sets and gory dismemberments.

Yes, within the first three minutes there are two severed limbs and a sword slicing a guy’s face down the middle, so at least the film delivers on that promise. Kiu Chong is good as our main hero, but the real star of the show is Tang Ti who plays the Abbot of the temple and the leader of the raping villains. His on-screen presence is full of vigor and charm, made even more exciting by his final duel with Kiu Chong. The fight is short, and it may be kind of sloppy, but when Tang Ti controls his breathing to enlarge himself and starts leaving handprints in the bricks, you can rest assured that there’s a smile on this reviewer’s face. In the end that’s what really matters, no? Recommended to kung fu junkies looking for an origin movie to all those other chivalrous kung fu tales.

4 comments to Mini-Review: The Knight of Knights (1966)

  • Richard Li

    Watched this one today. Quite an exciting build up to the finale and the main hero disguised his identity quite well. The end fight is simple and sweet so I liked it, and always good to see Ku Feng and Lily Ho again.

    • Glad you liked it. I don’t remember a lot about this one, but the end battle continues to stick in my mind. I’ll have to revisit it at some point.

  • Goh Oon Hin

    But I think her best performance in a movie must be Susanna. Real drama solid,superb acting and she looked her best looks. Anyway good to interacting again. Still looking for My Dreamboat.

    • Welcome back! I will have to see Susanna one of these days. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, and I enjoy Ho Meng-Hua’s movies. I looked some more for My Dreamboat, but still nothing. Maybe Celestial will release it online eventually. They have a fairly robust selection out there, although I think it’s predominantly martial arts titles.

      Is this song from the film? It says it is, but it looks like a different movie compared to the trailer that Celestial has for My Dreamboat on Youtube.

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