Starring Michael J. Fox, James Hampton, Susan Ursitti, Jerry Levine, Matt Adler, Lorie Griffin, Jim McKrell, Mark Arnold, Jay Tarses, Mark Holton

Directed by Rod Daniel

Expectations: Low.

Wow, what a weird movie. I somehow managed to escape seeing this in its entirety during my childhood and have finally remedied the situation. I imagine the results would have been better if I saw it back then, but regardless, I still enjoyed Teen Wolf. It’s a supreme piece of the 1980s and many times throughout I thought to myself, “Wow, only in an ’80s movie!” The scene that immediately comes to mind is when Michael J. Fox turns into a werewolf during a basketball game and then proceeds to continue playing with everyone in the stands shrugging it off and cheering him on to a shitty 80s song.

Michael J. Fox plays a teen who finds out one day that he’s a werewolf. To his shock, his dad’s a werewolf too! A very funny looking werewolf, I might add. The film never deals with the bloodlust or any of the darker elements of the genre mythology, instead worrying about who Fox will take to the dance, or how many backflips the Wolf can do while riding on the roof of a moving Wolfmobile. It’s all played strictly for laughs and it gets a few, but it’s more of a novelty than a true comedy. I generally love 80s movie scores as well, but I found the Teen Wolf score and song selection to be rather lackluster.

Co-written by noted comic writer Jeph Loeb, the script is fun and light-hearted, doing everything you might expect from a 1985 film entitled Teen Wolf. Do you like the 80s? Do you like werewolves? Then you’ll enjoy Teen Wolf enough to warrant the time.

I saw a werewolf doing a layup down the center of the paint
His hair was perfect
Ahwwwwoooooo, werewolves of high school.
Draw Blood Back Flip

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.