Doggy Poo [강아지 똥] (2003)

Starring Fiona Stuart, Josh Smith, Anna Desmarais, Kate Yoon, Tony Ruse

Directed by Kwon Oh-sung

Expectations: High. Watch the trailer first and you’ll know what I mean. Well, if you share my sense of humor.

Stephen brought this one to my attention. Its trailer was on one of the anime DVDs he was reviewing and thankfully he sent me a YouTube link post-haste. Before the video even ended, I had it added to my Netflix queue and quickly escorted directly to the top of the list. There are some films you just can’t wait on. Before I continue, I’d just like to say my apologies now to the creators of this film. I truly respect the work that went into this, and I think you have crafted a good film, but I simply cannot write a review of a movie that has a piece of dog shit for its main character and not make fun of it.

Doggy Poo is a movie about just that. The film opens with a simulated helicopter shot flying through mountains and valleys before finally coming to rest in a small, rural village. A Jack Russell terrier scampers into frame, squats his little butt down and drops our main character onto the dirt road, complete with oh-so-cute little shit hands. A bird flies down and pecks at it, hoping for a tasty morsel. Instead she quickly realizes that Doggy Poo is a doggy poo and flies away in disgust. If only Ms. Bird had noticed that Doggy Poo’s eyes were little seeds!

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