Ewok Mona Lisa

From the WTF files comes another Ewok masterpiece. A while back I made up some pictures of an Ewok pumping iron on Muscle Beach because of some talk between my co-workers and I. This led to us discussing other Ewok themed Photoshop projects, and Ewok Mona Lisa was one of the best ones mentioned. Well, it took me a while to actually do it, but I think it came out rather well.

Ewoks at the Gym

This will come as a completely random bit of WTF for most people who only know me via that Internet, but allow me to explain. My co-workers and I have kicked around a joke about Ewoks working out at Venice Beach for quite some time now. I was bored tonight and decided to make some evidence of the Ewok’s diligence in his pursuit of physical nirvana. So here you have it, Wicket at Muscle Beach wearing a Gold’s Gym tank. Watch your ankles, folks… this one packs a wallop. And yes, he’s one-handing that barbell in the second shot.

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