The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 10 – 1982 Horror Movie Ramble-palooza!


Episode 10! Now with more wheezing and labored breathing! Are you ready to ramble?!?!?!

Music Notes


  • Takenobu Mitsuyoshi –The King of Speed
    • From the Arcade/Sega Saturn video game Daytona USA


  • Mike + The Mechanics – I Get The Feeling
  • Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – G, A, M, E, O, V, E, R
    • From the Arcade/Sega Saturn video game Daytona USA

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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 10 – 1982 Horror Movie Ramble-palooza!

  • Dude! I got five minutes into this podcast and stopped it and need to rant. I absolutely LOATHED the new Star Wars! It was the most pandering pile of dick and I’m actually sorry I ever watched it. I was actually depressed for days after seeing it. It may as well have been a $200 million youtube fan film by some dork douchebag who managed to pay Harrison Ford to act like he didn’t want to be there. The strangest thing though…after thinking that the prequels cut a fart, this was set to be the Star Wars that all of the fans wanted. It was the Star Wars movie I thought I wanted! All practical fx, the original cast of characters, and space combat instead of trade treaties! Sign me up! So after days of wallowing in this mind-fuckery of depression and disappointment and confusion, I decided to finally strap in… and for the first time, watch Star Wars: Episode III.

    I want to publicly apologize to George Lucas and regret the last decade and a half of trashing the prequels. I have a HUGE respect for everything he was trying to do with the prequels and fuck man, it all came together in Episode III and I didn’t realize how right he was, how much he was trying to do, how much he actually LOVED the world he created, until after seeing Episode 7. You’re absolutely right, George Lucas had some huge balls to do a different approach to a trilogy that changed the world and was loved by every culture on the planet. It’s like when The Beatles ditched the “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” shit for acid and sitars. There’s so much depth and wisdom in the prequels and the fucking story is so good and the world was expanded and explored in places never expected. “Star Wars has politics and Congresses ‘n shit? What the fug?” The story and depth and world in the prequels is almost superior to the original trilogy in lots of ways. It’s goddamn near Shakespearean! There’s so much more that George Lucas was trying to show and explore and that FAR, FAR outweighs the trivial shit like “there’s too much CGI and George Lucas has a fat neck.” I now think that losing George Lucas means losing Star Wars. The man is a true artist and visionary. Yeah fuck Jar-Jar and there’s plenty of flaws, but I highly respect his vision, his story, his wisdom, the depth and courage he was willing to go, and the balls to not repeat himself and be original. I can’t say the same for JJ’s rehashed nerd jerkoff show. Sadly, I’m jumping off the Star Wars movies from here. There’s going to be a slew of visionless horseshit coming out for the next couple decades and I don’t want to be a part of it and keep up with it all. “Don’t like the new Star Wars?! Try the Han Solo series! Don’t like the Han Solo movies?! Try the Boba Fett spinoffs! Don’t like the first NINE MOVIES, TRY THE NEXT 37!!!” Suck a dick. Pretty soon that blue elephant flute guy is going to have his own movie. “Tatooine is the pits! We need to take our music intergalactic Norb-Norb!” Ugh. I’m done. Mr. Lucas, I apologize. You were right and I was wrong.

    Rant over… for now.

    PS – I thought the first podcast was great, and they’re actually getting better and better! Keep up the good shit.

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