Horror Block — February 2015 Unboxing Video!

Time for another Horror Block, the most marrow-quivering horror-themed subscription box out there! Horror Block runs $20 a month + shipping (with the shipping cost dependent on where you live). They also have multi-month packages, so if you want to sign up for one of those you can get each month’s box for as low as $15.99 + shipping.

Horror Block is based in Canada and ships their boxes internationally, so the whole world can enjoy them! If you’re thinking about ordering one, please click over to their website through one of the ads on the sidebar or the links on these posts and I’ll get a cut! How else will I retire in the Bahamas? Order now!

But don’t just order blindly; watch the video and find out if Horror Block is right for you! And as always, I always appreciate any feedback or suggestions about the videos, so let me know in the comments. Thanks!


6 comments to Horror Block — February 2015 Unboxing Video!

  • Hey Will watched this vid last night thought I’d give you some feedback since I you know went to Vid School. So my favorite video of yours is probably the first one I saw where we see you yourself talking to the camera. The other ones are okay like the planet of the apes book and the horror boxes, you have a cool voice which is reminiscent of Quentin probably because you’re from the region in california? Well hearing your voice makes the viewer (me) curious about seeing who’s talking.

    As a video person I’ve found that I have a love of fonts and titles but I’ve also learned that the majority of people don’t respond to just fonts and titles as well as they do to seeing a person (could be anyone sometimes).

    Okay and to get specific with this specific video, looking through my notes you mention sleep issues I can actually assist you in that department as I went through life threatening insomnia in the past and I’ve found out that this is from watching Too Much TV!!! Yeah sucks just make sure you get more physical exercise through the day. Also there’s at 4:27 you can see your camera set-up in the reflection on the Bitten dvd, not sure if you noticed (kindof neat i guess). Okay and final advice, well it’s cool and all the long takes I really enjoy filming and succeeding in long takes as well, it’s just unless something really exciting is going on I’ve learned that most people will tune out fast especially on the internet so yeah that’s my 2 cents for the day keep in touch brosef

    • Thanks for the feedback, man! Really appreciate it. Never went to school for anything like this, unless a bunch of random film classes count!

      You basically are echoing everything in my head that I’ve been thinking about my videos. Ever since I started doing videos I’ve thought it was kinda weird to not be on camera, but I’m shy and I get nervous so I just kept doing it as I had been. But I filmed the newest Horror Block the other day and I decided to do it on camera. I’m going to do it this way from now on. I feel like I needed all that time to get comfortable, so it wasn’t bad at all. As for the long takes, I know that it doesn’t fit in with what most people want out of an internet video but I’m sticking with it. I’m all about being organic and seeing what happens. I’m not in search of fame or anything so I’m cool with whatever views it ends up getting.

      Glad you like the voice! Never been told it was cool before! In a weird way I get the Quentin thing you’re saying. When I see myself talking with my hands it always makes me think of him. I never think of people from LA having any kind of accent or anything but I guess we do!

      Thanks for the sleep advice. I’ve heard that and I’ll have to stick more to actually doing it.

      • Oh and my cat is very helpful with helping me sleep. When I wake up in the middle of the night and am having trouble she gets on my chest and purrs me to sleep. 🙂

        • Hey be careful with that Cat man remember they have a fairly short life span don’t wanna get too attached :o. Most people who get into film school you know it’s already a major part of their lives for years ahead of time, everyone has to start somewhere.

          With the long takes yeah not saying not to do them, just suggesting slightly more action or something it’s your video your call though. Curious about what you think bout some of my videos as well if you ever score some free time, my stuff’s kindof all over the place trying to find out where the paycheck is going to be at.

          Yeah the speech and mannerisms is definately a section of L.A. also reminds me of the clerk and Crazy Mike’s Video I used to go to as well as one of my manager’s at Atomic Video and some of the guy’s at Buyback’s [don’t miss that one much though]. Probably the majority of film action taking place in the holywood region passes through the TV and into our Brains!!!

          • Yeah, and my cat is already 16! I better start turning off the TV/computer earlier. I’ll have to check out some of your videos too.

            I’ll work on having more action in the videos. Not sure how to do that in something as low key as an unboxing but I’ll try! I’ll have to superimpose some explosions 🙂

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