Horror Block — January 2015 Unboxing Video!

Is it that time already? Yup, it’s time for another Horror Block, the most horrific horror-themed subscription box out there! Horror Block runs $20 a month + shipping (with the shipping cost dependent on where you live). They also have multi-month packages, so if you want to sign up for one of those you can get each month’s box for as low as $15.99 + shipping.

Horror Block is based in Canada and ships their boxes internationally, so the whole world can enjoy them! If you’re thinking about ordering one, please click over to their website through one of the ads on the sidebar or the links on these posts and I’ll get a cut! Gotta pay for my upcoming facelift somehow! Order now!

But don’t just order blindly; watch the video and find out if Horror Block is right for you! And as always, I always appreciate any feedback or suggestions about the videos, so let me know in the comments. Thanks!


2 comments to Horror Block — January 2015 Unboxing Video!

  • Stephen

    I had a few Mad Balls as a kid. I only remember one, though. It was some dude with one eye all bulging out and bloodshot, and his skull was cracked open so you could see his brain. It was definitely bigger than a capsule toy. More like the size of one of those stress balls. Cool to see they still make the things, even if only in diminutive form.

    • I knew they used to be bigger! These ones are fun, but they seem so small. I was also glad to see that they still made them. I feel like kids today don’t have as many weird toys as we did in the ’80s, and I remember how much I loved all those crazy little ’80s things so I imagine kids now are a little starved for grotesque, weird stuff. But I don’t really know, being the childless, kinda hermit that I am.

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