2 Years Old!

So yesterday was Silver Emulsion’s 2nd anniversary. I started it up on April 12, 2010 and have been going strong ever since. It’s more fun than ever and I have no plans of stopping any time soon. I have far too many ambitious ideas and projects to get through before that happens.

I don’t have anything witty, funny, or touching to say about the day, but I will say this: Thanks for stopping by and reading a review (or two, or three, etc.) I really appreciate it. I know there’s a shit-ton of movie review blogs out there, so I’m always happy when your search for “NUDE BARBARIAN MOVIES” or “DRY HUMPING GRANNIES” points you here.

Looking forward into Year 3:

  • I hope to be fairly close to finishing the long-running project of reviewing all of Empire International/Full Moon’s films. I haven’t counted but I think by this time next year I should only have a few left, plus any new arrivals.
  • The chronological Shaw Brothers project will also continue to be in full swing, as I make my way into the luscious 70s. Oh man, there is such a wealth of great martial arts films ahead of me there. I want to get those Clockwork Orange things to hold my eyes open and watch them all at once!
  • The off-and-on Sam Fuller project will continue as well, and if I can stick to it, perhaps I can rip through the rest of his movies this year. I just find that I want to savor his movies rather than devour them, so most likely I’ll only end up watching two or three.
  • I have many other projects I’d like to start (Godzilla, Jackie Chan, JCVD, Pedro Almodóvar, the list goes on) but I think they’ll have to wait till Year 4 unless I’m able to slowly sprinkle them in. We’ll see.

I can’t think of anything else to say, so thanks again! If you like the site, feel free to spread the word!

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  • Red

    Congrats on the 2 year mark!

  • Big props on getting to two years, my friend! Always a pleasure to read your insights and I look forward to hearing about more obscure crap I have no intention of seeing unless I’m catatonic and need awaking from a coma. 😉

    Ahh, just joking. I’ll read your stuff regardless. Nice work!

    • Thanks, Rodney! You’ve become the biggest supporter of the website and I’m so appreciative and glad that you enjoy the writings contained here. I’ll do my best to find some more shitty gems for you to read about! My intentions are always to try and balance those shitty movies with more mainstream fare, but my preference for the obscure just always seems to take over and I neglect the mainstream stuff more than I should. I’ll try and get to some more stuff that you (and everyone else) might actually care about, but no promises. The lure of B-movies is strong!

      • Don’t worry, I’ll have more reviews to shore up the list. Oh wait… Everything I review is obscure as hell unless you’re an anime geek.

        I enjoy the reviews of obscure crap I’ve never heard of before, so keep ’em coming, I say!

        • Well there’s no problem there. They are definitely coming.

          Thanks for all your reviews as well. As you mentioned, SE now caters to the anime crowd, a previously untapped fringe genre, and it’s all because of you. Thanks!

  • Nice one man. Good to hear that you’re planning on keeping this place going – my Blogroll seems to keep throwing up zombie sites!

    And a big fat YES YES YES to the “Jackie Chan, JCVD, Pedro Almodóvar” ideas. If you wanted to team up on the Jackie Chan or Almodovar give me a heads up and I’d love to post some reviews in tandem.

    • Thanks! Glad you’re still around as well. Yeah, it’s a shame but lots of sites die out over time. People lose interest I guess. It is a lot of work, no doubt.

      Thanks for the big fat yesses, I’ll keep them in mind. Tandem reviews would be fun. The plans are to do both chronologically (it’s my thing) so I don’t know if that appeals to you or not, as many of both of their early films are hard to find.

      • Almodovar’s pretty easy to find in the UK so shouldn’t be a problem, and Chan’s pretty accessible too – don’t think I could handle every film in order though! Definitely keep me in the loop when it’s on the horizon.

        • OK, cool. I don’t expect anyone to be as obsessive as I am about doing every film. I’ll let you know if I have one coming down the pipeline and if you wanna do a review for it also you can.

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