In an effort to increase the regularity in which I visit other blogger’s websites, here’s a collection of awesome posts from awesome websites around the web.

The Daily Grindhouse has your DVD releases for the week, in what is quickly becoming my favorite weekly DVD Release post.

Fitz busts out a review of Oldboy, reminding me that I still haven’t seen the damn movie. One of these days.

Anomalous Material reports on the confirmation of Peter Jackson directing the Tintin sequel!
While this will probably be fun, I’m still waiting for the zombie movie you promised after LOTR, Peter!

James from Cinema Sights has a review of Argento’s The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, one of the good Argentos.

Top 10 Films has another great list, this time it’s Top 10 scariest villains in children’s films!

Catherine at Cinema Enthusiast has a fun list of Horror Film Double Features just in time for your Halloween shenanigans!

And finally, Full Moon just launched their new website and Stuart Gordon himself is blogging!
His first communiqué is on being mistaken for Francis Ford Coppola and it’s excellent stuff.