In an effort to increase the regularity in which I visit other blogger’s websites, I’m gonna try a new (weekly?) series where I highlight recent articles that I enjoyed. So without further ado, here’s a collection of awesome posts from awesome websites around the web. No promises that I’ll actually keep it up, but I think it’s a good idea and hopefully you do too.

Rodney at Fernby Films posted an obituary for one of my favorite character actors, Charles Napier.

Dan at Top 10 Films posted a great review of a disappointing Clive Barker short story adaptation, Dread.

James at Cinema Sights deliver a thoughtful take on the horror classic, The Evil Dead!

Fitz at Never Mind Pop Film posted up the awesome new Mission: Impossible poster.

Dan the Man posted his thoughts on one of the most enjoyable modern horror films in recent memory, Piranha 3D!

The Daily Grindhouse has a review of the new Frank Miller graphic novel release featuring Batman The Fixer, Holy Terror.

Paragraph Film Reviews is going to have a new feature series on films the are bad enough to warrant walkouts. Sounds fun!

And last but certainly not least, is Nick’s review of the illustrious Troll 2 for his blog, Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob.
This is truly one of the best things I’ve read in a while and I seriously recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of the film.