These lists are completely subjective and the focus is more on my enjoyment than filmmaking quality. Honorable Mentions are films that I like but aren’t at that favorite level. I’ve also included a list of films that I would like to see from this year. So with that all said, here’s a quick glance at my favorite and least favorite films of 1996. This is by no means definitive.



Brain Candy
Police Story 4: First Strike
The Frighteners
Breaking the Waves
Zarkorr! the Invader
From Dusk Till Dawn

Honorable Mentions:

Oblivion 2: Backlash
Head of the Family
Escape from L.A.
Independence Day
Jerry Maguire
Mission: Impossible
Sling Blade
The Arrival
Black Jack
Broken Arrow
The Cable Guy
The Birdcage
(But La Cage aux Folles is much better.)
Girl 6
The Nutty Professor
Star Trek: First Contact
The Typewriter, the Rifle and the Movie Camera


The English Patient (I should re-watch it as an adult.)
Barb Wire
Last Man Standing
(Again, I should re-watch.)
The Long Kiss Goodnight
A Time to Kill
Romeo + Juliet
Mars Attacks!
Josh Kirby… Time Warrior: Chapter 3, Trapped on Toyworld
Josh Kirby… Time Warrior: Chapter 4, Eggs from 70 Million B.C.

1996 Movies I still plan to see that might be good:

The People vs. Larry Flynt
Bad Moon
Blood and Wine
Citizen Ruth
Comrades: Almost a Love Story
The Dentist
Dunston Checks In
Gamera 2: Attack of Legion
Get on the Bus
The God of Cookery
Gray’s Anatomy
Hard Core Logo
Irma Vep
Maximum Risk
Once Upon a Time in Triad Society
Original Gangstas
The Quest
Set It Off
Shall We Dance?
The Substitute
Tremors 2: Aftershocks
Ebola Syndrome
Tai Chi Boxer
The Way to Fight
Rebirth of Mothra
Young and Dangerous
(This one I need to re-watch.)

Last edit: 01/30/15

Think I got it wrong? Wondering why a certain favorite film isn’t on the list? Drop a comment below!