The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 149 – Rambo III

This week on the Silver Emulsion Podcast, Stephen and I talk about the third Rambo film, 1988’s Rambo III! Set your explosives and enjoy! 🙂

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Music Notes


  • Buppa Saichol – Sheng Ra Bert (Bored Explosion)


  • John Cafferty – Heart’s on Fire
    • Rocky IV (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (iTunes, Amazon)

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2 comments to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 149 – Rambo III

  • Evan Parra

    I can’t believe you read as much of that Demons filibuster as you did! Haha! There’s some movies that I just can’t shut the fuck up about and Demons is one of them. It’s funny because I actually had to cut that one short! I got a new browser on my phone so I can finally write comments on my phone instead of having to do it on my computer. Combine that with having no days off since May and no social life, and I will go nutzoid when shit like Demons comes up. I’d love to do a fan commentary on it one day and throw it on the Youtubes. Stephen, it’s going to be my life’s ambition to make you appreciate this shitty gem! I hear you laughing while describing it, so I know there’s a bit of Demons enjoyment in ya! 😀 Will, I vividly remember having Demons in my backpack at school. Maybe I didn’t lend it out to you, but just stuffed it in my backpack and hoped to impress my friends. Haha!

    I saw Contamination! I think there’s a point in every Italian horror movie where I think “this is the dumbest shit I ever saw.” And Contamination definitely had those moments, but once you give in to these duds, they’re so fun! As far as dumb/great Italian horror, I highly recommend Argento’s Phenomena! It’s more along the lines of giallo/murder mystery, but it’s one of the most entertaining and bizarre movies! Here’s the rough plot, which is batshit: A young American girl who can telepathically communicate with insects, moves to a boarding school in Switzerland while her actor father stars in a Filipino movie, teams up with a paralyzed Donald Pleasance and his chimp assistant to locate a serial killer who’s decapitating schoolgirls! Oh yeah, and she sleepwalks for some reason and has corny nightmares! If that plot line doesn’t grab you, then what will?! It’s one of the few movies that I first said to myself “this is the dumbest shit I ever saw” but immediately bought it once the credits rolled. It’s one of my personal favorites and Argento’s best! I think it’s also his personal favorite of his movies. It’s completely Italian too with heavy metal out of nowhere, nonsense plot, random curveballs, and hilarity. Plus it deserves some kind of award for greatest chimp acting in movie history.

    A little fun fact about Rambo III. This movie was once in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most violent movie ever made! I think it even counted the death toll to be like 132 people or some shit. Why I remember Rambo III was in the Guinness Book of World Records is some of the most useless information I’ve ever had stored in my brain. But thank God for The Silver Emulsion podcast! I can now dump this useless tidbit of information somewhere!

    A little personal fun fact too. The Rambo movies could possibly be the movies that got me into movies! I still say it was The Shining, but I had a plastic Rambo tricycle when I was a tiny kid that I think had a gun turret on the handlebars. I had a plastic Rambo knife and even had a shitty knockoff jade necklace like Co gave to Rambo. The only thing I ever stole in my life was a Rambo button from Charlie Brown’s when I was an airhead little turd. “I wike Wambo!” There’s nothing like deciding between the scariest movie ever made and the most violent movies ever made to what impacted your childhood the most. Haha!

    Oof. I’ll shut up. This is long again! Thanks for the shout out fellas and keep up the good stuff.

    • Evan Parra

      I’ve been thinking of the early Rambo movies and have a fun question for you guys and the Silver Emulsion Fan Club. Let’s say for some reason Stallone couldn’t star in the Rambo movies, who do you think would be a good replacement? It’s hard to separate Stallone from Rambo and he’s basically irreplaceable, but I think I have a good answer. Curious what you guys think too.

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