Join us this week on the Silver Emulsion Podcast as we punish the world with another episode! You didn’t ask for it, you can definitely live without it, but we’re unleashing it regardless. Dolph Lundgren returns to the podcast with his 1989/1991 Marvel Comics classic, The Punisher! Listen and enjoy! 🙂

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Music Notes


  • Phillip Malela And The Movers – Intandane
    • Next Stop… Soweto, Vol. 2: Soultown. R&B, Funk & Psych Sounds from the Townships 1969-1976 (iTunes, Amazon)


  • Masakazu Sugimori – Jingle ~ It Can’t End Here
    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Original Soundtrack (Wiki, Amazon)
  • Pixies – Evil Hearted You

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