The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 41 – The Toxic Avenger

Episode 41! This week we’re diving into the Troma-rific 1984 film The Toxic Avenger! My love for the monster hero is well-established, but will Stephen like it? Listen to find out! 🙂

Music Notes


  • Bruce Dickinson – Soul Intruders


  • The Blues Brothers – Closing: I Can’t Turn You Loose

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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 41 – The Toxic Avenger

  • Quote from Trivia –
    “Mononoke means angry or vengeful spirit.”

    Quote from website called “1990’s Movies — Did you know?” –
    “The Japanese film title, ‘Mononoke HIme’, literally translates as ‘Princess Angry Spirit’.

    ‘Spirit’ and ‘Phantom’ are very similar words I’d say. So it seems, [if you buy the above sources], that Stephen and I are both partially correct. Oh the wonders [and losses] in translation. 😉

    Well I found myself at the local Asian Store “Uwajimaya” last week and in their attached bookstore, stumbled across the Ghibli film “Tales from Earthsea”, directed by Goro [MK?!] Miyazaki, Pg-13. Based on Ursula Le Guin’s novels. Very interesting. Didn’t buy it [broke..] but today I read some reviews and while they were extreeeemely annoying with the Father – Son comparisons and generally gave the movie negative reviews, they were saying that it has adult themes, it’s bloody, not for kids, and the most like “PM” of the Ghibli films. Sounds like a cool B-Movie-ish movie similar to “PM”, badass.

    Also, trying to Keep this weeks reply shorter. Anyways, love “The Toxic Avenger!”, honored to have my comments read on your first official piece on it lul. The site’s heading about “Citizen Kane” and Toxie was what got me reading here. I remember screening “The Toxic Avenger!” for my roommates way back when, trying to sell it to them. I was not aware of the 4th Toxie movie until Will/You mentioned it and his opinion of it’s awesomeness. The 2nd one set in Japan is pretty rad in my opinion. I thought “The Last Temptation of Toxie” [Part 3], was the final one and I’ve been avoiding watching that one for a while now. So yeah, I’m going un-chronological now and last night I streamed “Citizen Toxie” hahahaha [well except for the school part at the beginning, a bit to soon I’d say with that and the columbine f****** nightmare in the late 90’s :/.

    Well looking forward to “His Last Temptation!”, stay safe during that Eclipse Shizz doods, wish I wast closer…. – Nick

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