The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 20 – Enter the Fat Dragon


Episode 20!!! Wow, time flies when you’re ramblin’! This episode I’m talkin’ about Sammo Hung’s second film, 1978’s Enter the Fat Dragon!

Also on the show:

  • Hiroshi Matsuno’s Shochiku horror film The Living Skeleton
  • Jimmy Huston’s Final Exam
Music Notes


  • John Lee Hooker – You Talk Too Much


  • The Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count
    • As featured on the television program Sesame Street (iTunes, Amazon)

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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 20 – Enter the Fat Dragon

  • Nick Ian Decelles

    Good evening Will, here’s my responses to your questions and comments at the end of this episode:

    So yeah, you went on a tangent in Podcast 16 at some point about “The Alchemist” where you reviewed it mentioning that the Vhs you were watching was particularly blurry or something and that maybe the movie wasn’t being shown in it’s best light because of that.

    Well, about “The Dungeonmaster/Ragewar”, no I haven’t seen it [or even heard about until just then]. It looks really bad-ass though, hopefully I can afford the double Blu-ray soon or there’s a Screaming 4-pack Marathon Dvd that’s less pricey maybe. I noticed your review for it after posting my message there.. interesting about the whole title swap. Personally I really dug the stop-motion bit the most from the trailer and was laughing at the insanity and crazy one-liners.

    Also, I just watched “The Keep” again by Michael Mann, and I stand by my previous recommendation. Never fear since this is the least Michael Mann ever made, so much that it seems weird almost seeing his name in the credits and abruptly at the end. Well all you really need to know is that “The Keep” has great acting [very theatrical], cool atmosphere/effects, OutStandIng Music, and THE f#@$@#$ MOLASAR. [well I think he’s epic at least].

    p.s. Your welcome for the feedback and stuff, really cool hearing you read my goofy writing out loud on The Show, hehe, ’till next time. – Nick [also WANT “The Keep” on Blu-ray puhleez].

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