The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 6 – 1981 Horror Movie Ramble-thon!


Episode 6! Take a listen as I ramble about 1981 horror movies and assorted other things!

Music Notes


  • Dialogue from the Sega Genesis version of Altered Beast
  • Dialogue from John Carpenter’s Halloween
  • Dialogue from the Sega Genesis version of Pit-Fighter
  • John Carpenter – Distant Dream


  • The Elm Street Group featuring Freddy Krueger – All I Have to Do is Dream
    • Freddy’s Greatest Hits (Amazon)

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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 6 – 1981 Horror Movie Ramble-thon!

  • I think I mentioned “Possession” on the Gourmet Gamer podcast during the top 10 Horror movies of the 80s bit. It’s an EXCELLENT movie!!! One of my favorites of all time and definitely in my top 10 80s horror. It’s incredibly weird, very disturbing, very confusing, and has quite possibly the best performances you will ever see in a horror movie. I honestly can’t think of anything that tops it. If you ever watch it, just go into it blindly, don’t read shit, watch trailers, or anything and just let it deliver the strange goods. It’s actually not Polish (well not IN Polish), it’s all in English and has Sam Neill in a fucking great role. I really, really, really love this movie and admit it’s not for everyone, but it deserves WAY more attention than its gotten and deserves at least some mention as one of the greatest horror films with the balls to be a work of art.

    ***** out of ****

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