Lammy Award Season (AKA Vote 4 Me!)

LAMMY2013_Nominations2That time is upon us, LAMBs! Once again, the movie blogging community is coming together and deciding who’s doing what the best. I have no reason to suspect that I will get nominated, let alone win, but just in case, here’s the details.

The Lammys are working a bit differently this year, and so far I’m liking the process much better. All eligible LAMB members had a generous period of time to submit blogs they thought fit the bill, and now the nomination list is composed solely of those suggested blogs. Gone are the days of trolling through 1,500 blogs in search of who does the best awards coverage, now people who actually care about awards coverage are doing the work for you! In a way it’s like everyone’s initial ballot is now public, and it streamlines the nomination process considerably. So instead of hoping people know my site and randomly pick it from that sea of 1,500, now I only have to cross my fingers and hope that their wayward mouse-finger might mistakenly check the box next to Silver Emulsion Film Reviews instead of the one by Man, I Love Films, French Toast Sunday or one of the other, legitimately popular blogs!

I’m currently in the running for the following categories:

  • Best Blog (Because I run a tight ship that is consistently, eclectically awesome! I think…)
  • Best Movie Genre Blog (See, reviewing stuff no one’s heard of is finally going to pay off!) … (What? I might be disqualified from this category because I don’t think I meet the “50% of posts must be of a certain genre” rule? So reviewing all those genre films that no one’s heard of is all for naught? Say it ain’t so!)
  • Best Movie Reviewer (Because I can review just about anything you throw at me. Tomatoes, B-Movies, Heads of Lettuce, Blockbusters — I’ll take it all on… and I’m hungry.)
  • Most Knowledgeable (Cuz I knows so much things about moovies.)
  • Funniest Writer (Did anyone else who’s up for the award write: “My friend convinced me to go tanning for the first time and I burnt my sphincter so bad.” this year? Didn’t think so.)
  • Best Running Feature — Full Moon Series (Because I’m probably the only person crazy enough to actually watch all of these crazy movies from Charles Band’s studio, and they generally make for fun reviews.)
  • Best Running Feature — Shaw Brothers Series (Because I’m probably the only person crazy enough to actually watch all the Shaw Brothers Martial Arts films in chronological order by original release date. I’m sensing a pattern…)

So if you’ve got a spare vote and you don’t know where to cast it, Silver Emulsion Film Reviews is here for you. We’ll take those unvoted votes and cherish them like they’ve always wanted to be cherished. The life of a vote is a lonely one, all leading up to one special purpose. Don’t let your votes die in the trash-filled gutters of the Internet. Send them our way!

And yes, I might be crazy, but I’m not quite crazy enough to assume that anyone would willingly vote for my site. But if you would, we humbly thank you! Vote early, vote often, and always vote for Silver Emulsion! We’ve got your back! And by “We’ve got your back,” I mean that if you’re ever in a desperate situation where your life is flashing before your eyes and your final thought is, “I wonder how good those Scanners sequels were…” then we’ve got your back. 🙂

Polls close April 3rd!

Seriously, though, thanks to anyone who votes for my site! It is much appreciated!

12 comments to Lammy Award Season (AKA Vote 4 Me!)

  • Just a quick FYI, the fact that you made it onto the nominations ballot means that NTEMP at least thought you qualified for the 50% needed for the genre award, that was another reason the awards were split up this way. I do wish you luck and hope you get on the final ballots one way or another.

    • Well I’ve been going back and forth with him for a little while about it and he said they thought I was close enough for the nomination ballot, but they were going to do a thorough check prior to releasing the actual nominations, and I’ll be shocked if I get in after that. I cover a wide range of stuff, so unless they combine a couple of genres or something, I just don’t hit the 50% necessary. I like the awards split up, for sure, but I think it would be better if it were “50% of posts must be genre films” and not limit it to one specific genre.

  • For what it’s worth, I also think the “genre blog” requirements need some tweaking. Not sure exactly what to, yet, but I don’t think it’s quite right as it is. It’s something that struck me last year during the discussions… I don’t know exactly what percentage of my reviews this year were “classic” films (by their definition), but I know during the first year it was high, but not 50%. But I also knew I was reviewing a higher number of classic films than a lot of the “classic blogs” — it’s just that I reviewed so many more films period that I wouldn’t meet the percentage requirement.

    • Yeah, that’s my problem too. In 2012 we had roughly 140 reviews here that could fall under the action/martial arts genre, which is a lot, but because I did almost 300 posts last year it’s also just shy of 50%. So it’s a frustrating distinction to say the least. Although, perhaps I will make it in. Fingers crossed! Hopefully this will be one of those issues worked out for next year. It’s definitely better than last year, though.

  • Dude, I’ll vote for you. Haven’t been nominated myself, so I have spare votes to throw away!!!

  • Stephen

    Wow, does that mean I’ve been doing this for over a year now? Crazy! My, how time flies.

  • Nice job getting all of these nominations, Will! Best of luck this year!

    • Thanks! To be honest, I submitted myself for all of these except the Genre film one, figuring that no one else would. I’m sure that means my chances are slim to none of actually getting a nomination, but it’s fun to participate. We’ll see on April 15th when the Lambcast comes out!

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