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This came up under an image search for “choice,” so I’m assuming it’s relevant to the discussion.

A little while ago on the Silver Emulsion Facebook page, I asked if anyone was theoretically interested in a Reader’s Choice group of reviews. I’m so overloaded with movies to watch that I thought I’d ask others to add some to the pile, but instead of languishing there for years — forgotten (but not alone) — I’d watch them within a short amount of time and get some reviews up! I’m thinking of having these go up sometime in the beginning part of December.

From the Facebook post I already have a few selections, but this is the official open call! I’ll take all reasonable suggestions, so that means shit like Twilight & Bucky Larson are off limits. But feel free to submit whatever you want, as I’ll consider everything. And even if you submitted one on Facebook, you can still throw another up here if you’re feelin’ it.

Stephen has also agreed to accept anime requests as well, so send some his way!

And just for the record, the following films were the FB submissions:

The Acid House
Forbidden Zone

So whaddya wanna see reviewed here?

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  • Wouldn’t mind your take on the Cube trilogy, if you’d be able…..

    • I’d definitely be able to do those, but it would take me a little longer as it’s a series. But I’m game. I’ve only seen the first one when it came out. Thanks!

  • Wil, here’s two more from me…..

    The Long Goodbye (1973) and Harold & Maude (1971). These are two of my all-time favorites, and I’d love to see your take on them!

    • I can do Harold and Maude, no prob, but The Long Goodbye is one that I will have to get to eventually. I’m a huge Raymond Chandler fan, and I always read the book before I see the movie. I still need to read The Little Sister, and watch its adaptation (the 1969 film Marlowe with James Garner and Bruce Lee!), and then I can read Long Goodbye and watch its adaptation. So I’ll definitely do that one at some point but it’ll be a while. Thanks!

  • I’d just like to add one for Stephen: Satoshi Kon’s Paprika. I initially was going to say Perfect Blue, his first film, but then I read something about it being a slow burn and Hitchcockian, and that made me think you wouldn’t like it so I switched it up to Paprika. Anyway, I’ve heard nothing but great things about his work, and I’d love to hear your take whether or not he deserves the hype.

    • Stephen

      Ahh, Satoshi Kon. He definitely deserves hype, but whether it should be good hype or not I can’t really say. I was never able to make up my mind about any of his stuff that I’ve seen, but they’ve all been total mind trips. I’ve been meaning to do reviews of those two some day, but I usually get caught up in wanting to watch something I haven’t seen before.

      I’d be happy to review either film or both, and maybe kick off an eventual trip through the rest of his filmography. But I’m getting ahead of myself now, so I better shut up.

      • Whatever’s clever, and feel free to get to them in whatever time frame you want to. No rush, I’ve just heard so much about his movies being amazing that I’m curious to hear your thoughts on them as an anime fan. If you did decide to run through his filmography, it’s actually only a few films because he died not too long after Paprika came out.

        I’m very interested in his stuff because I guess he was a big Philip K. Dick fan and his work is supposed to be somewhat reminiscent of Dick’s bent realities that I love so much.

  • Aw shit, I’ve seen tons of movies where afterwards I said to myself “Man, I’d love to see Will review that”. Of course, now that you actually put up a reader’s choice post I am drawing a blank. But off the top of my head, here are a few:

    – Timecop
    – Who’s the Man?
    – Showdown (Billy Blanks!)
    – The Punisher (The Dolph Lundgren original)
    – Pumping Iron
    – Some Ringo Lam / Chow Yun-Fat stuff from the late 80s / early 90s (City on Fire, Prison on Fire, Full Contact, etc)
    – More Jackie Chan! Personally, I’d love to see your take on the early Lo Wei directed stuff, since most people automatically brush those off. Remember after Rumble in the Bronx came out? You were able to snag shitty VHS box sets of those Lo Wei Jackie movies for like 5 bucks each. (Of course I’d like to see you review the higher caliber Jackie stuff too).
    – Bad Taste (Just in time for The Hobbit!)

    If I remember any more I’ll amend this comment

    • Hahahaha, oh man, you have no idea how close to my thinking you are on so many of these.

      I was trying my hardest to squeeze Bad Taste into October, but I just couldn’t get to it. I love the idea of timing it with The Hobbit!

      I recently bought the Bloodsport/Timecop Blu-ray, so that’s gonna happen too. I feel like I need to do No Retreat, No Surrender first, and then I can rip into JCVD proper.

      As for Pumping Iron, I have been thinking of doing an informal review series called “The Road to Conan” where I watch the few movies Arnold had a featured role in prior to his breakout in Conan, and then do those movies too. I definitely think Pumping Iron would make for an interesting review, if for nothing else than giving me a legitimate reason to link to that clip of Arnold talking about how working out is like cumming non-stop. OK, I can’t wait!

      Doing the Shaw series, I’ve become a huge Lo Wei fan, so the Jackie Chan films he did are definitely going to happen at some point. While I’d love to wait and do them all in order along with the Shaw series, I’m going much too slow and it’d be a very long time till I got to them. So fuck it. Those will definitely be fun… look at this fucking poster! I think I’ll try to start on those in January.

      Who’s the Man? HAHAHAHA! Good pull, and one you know I can’t resist! Showdown looks dope too, and The Punisher would definitely be fun. Oh, and you know I’m down for some old school Ringo Lam action. Shit, man, you’ve given me so much. It’s gonna take a while, but I dig the suggestions 100%. Thanks!

    • I second the motion for more JCVD – I’m planning to do something similar in Q2 of 2013….

      • Cool! I’ll definitely make it a point to do some JCVD in 2013… and after some thought I realized that I’ll be able to get Timecop into the end of December via a review series that Stephen dreamed up. I can’t wait!

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