This came up under an image search for “choice,” so I’m assuming it’s relevant to the discussion.

A little while ago on the Silver Emulsion Facebook page, I asked if anyone was theoretically interested in a Reader’s Choice group of reviews. I’m so overloaded with movies to watch that I thought I’d ask others to add some to the pile, but instead of languishing there for years — forgotten (but not alone) — I’d watch them within a short amount of time and get some reviews up! I’m thinking of having these go up sometime in the beginning part of December.

From the Facebook post I already have a few selections, but this is the official open call! I’ll take all reasonable suggestions, so that means shit like Twilight & Bucky Larson are off limits. But feel free to submit whatever you want, as I’ll consider everything. And even if you submitted one on Facebook, you can still throw another up here if you’re feelin’ it.

Stephen has also agreed to accept anime requests as well, so send some his way!

And just for the record, the following films were the FB submissions:

The Acid House
Forbidden Zone

So whaddya wanna see reviewed here?