I got nominated!

Oh wow! I really didn’t expect this to happen! I was nominated in the Lammys for Best Horror/Sci-Fi blog, and while I cover quite a bit more than that, I’m very happy to be lumped into the most obvious genre to lump me into. Perhaps that pact I made with myself to watch and review every single Full Moon Feature is finally paying dividends! Not to mention devoting the entire month of October to horror! In any case, if you voted for me, I sincerely appreciate it and am truly honored. I’m gonna display the shit out of that nominee banner too.

This also means that now I have to make good on the promise I laid out for getting nominated in this category. Looks like you’ll see reviews of Blade Runner and Scanners sometime within the next month or so. If I have time, I’ll try to squeeze in Prometheus as well.

And as a huge shout-out to Rodney of Fernby Films, the site’s most diligent reader and one of my votes for Best Blog, I’m gonna go ahead with the plans for The Weekend at Bernie’s series, despite not getting nominated for funniest writer. Look for that in the coming month or two as well.

AND, coincidentally I just noticed that this is Post #500 on the site, so yay! I’ve successfully whittled away the last year of my twenties and the better part of my thirtieth year writing reviews of horror schlock, martial arts films and any other random thing that comes my way. I feel like a better person for it, and I honestly don’t think I’ve loved doing something as much as this.

I’ll let you know when the poll goes up and all you fellow LAMBs can cast your vote for progress, change and mutant scorpions!

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  • CS

    Congrats on the nomination! Well deserved if you ask me.

    • Thanks so much! I’m still shocked I got nominated. And I’m shocked you didn’t get nominated for more! Your site is great and I had it down in a few categories.

  • Stephen

    Awesome! You definitely have plenty of good, err bad, horror films that I doubt most people even know of. Great stuff, and I’m glad you’re getting some recognition for it!

    • Thanks! It’s true a lot of the horror flicks I’ve been doing lately are completely off the radar of most sane people, but I stand by the fact that there are true gems in the realm of low-budget cinema. You just have to open your mind to them. And most horrible movies have at least one thing going for them, whether it’s a scene, an absurd moment or hilarious FX. Those are what I live for.

      I really am shocked to be nominated though. I didn’t think the site was anywhere near popular enough to garner more than a couple votes.




    Congrats on the nomination, man, well deserved if you ask me. Don’t matter whether the category suits, I think, but as long as your name is up there, right?! I have to say, you do a solid job of bringing completely rubbish films to people’s attention. I know I appreciate the fact that there’s somebody out there willing to watch that shit just so I don’t have to – I know I’d never get enough time to do it on my own blog….

    • I’ve got to tease it a bit! I do need to just do it, but I would like to watch them in all their glory on my TV, which won’t be here with me and out of storage for another couple of weeks. So I’m just trying to hold out for that.

      Thanks! I really enjoy reviewing movies from all points on the cinematic spectrum, and I’d love to see you do a few low-budget horrors on your site some day.

      • You want low-budget horror on my site? The best I’m gonna be able to do is a couple of schlock schokers in September’s Worst Film Week! Did I invite you to participate?

  • Congratulations on the nomination! You were definitely one of the folks who campaigned very well and I hope that it helps to bring a lot more people to visit your site, both now and in the future. Any plans for the second half of the campaign to secure yourself a win?

    • Thanks! I thought I campaigned rather poorly outside of my FYC post that was tons of fun to put together, but thanks for the vote of confidence! I would love to see more people around here, for sure. Fingers crossed and all that.

      I haven’t really thought too much about the second campaign; I may have used all my tricks on the first half because I didn’t expect to get nominated. I’ll have to come up with something good though to stand up to the fierce competition in the category. You’ve got me thinking!

      And congrats on your nominations as well! I believe I had you down in every category you were nominated in. Good luck!

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