OK, here’s some more awesome links from awesome sites around the web! Enjoy!

First off, my old buddy Uncle Jasper has started up a blog of his own called, Shit on my iPhone!
If you read his film reviews here, you’ll know he can sling words with the best of them,
so do yourself a favor and check out his shit.

Michael at Kiai Kick! has a great review of the Chang Cheh film, Five Shaolin Masters!
It’s gonna take me a long, long time before I get to review this one in my chronological series
so definitely check out Michael’s take in the meantime.

And speaking of the Shaw Brothers, 104-year-old Run Run Shaw is finally retiring!
He’s been working in TV for a while, but those days are now over.
So long Run Run, you and your brothers were responsible for creating and shepherding
the martial arts film as we all have come to know it.

Kai at Man, I Love Films has a fun list of graphic novels that would make great movies!
Killing Joke and Dark Knight Returns would be awesome!

Fitz has some early posters for Tarantino’s next film Django Unchained!

If you’d like to read an opposite but well-written opinion of Super 8, look no further than Fernby Films!

Dangerous Meredith has a great write-up surrounding the commentary on
The Replacement Killers, Chow Yun-Fat’s first American film. It features
some great insights on the East/West filmmaking clash and is recommended
to anyone interested in such things.

That’s all folks!