OK, here’s some more awesome links from awesome sites around the web! Enjoy!

Doug Tilley has a great feature on Daily Grindhouse called No-Budget Nightmares.
I found out about it from the podcast version he does with Moe from Drunk on VHS, which I highly recommend.
Here’s Doug’s latest written entry into the series, a piece on Nightmare Asylum!
How’s that for a shitload of plugs in one plug?

Paragraph Film Reviews has a look at the Hong Kong flick that inspired The Departed, Infernal Affairs! I still haven’t seen it.

Top 10 Films has a rep for awesome and inventive lists and their latest Top 10 Christmas Films of the 1980s continues the trend.

Screened.com gives us a rundown of how to make sure you get to see the new Dark Knight footage if you’re so inclined.

Awesome genre blog Varied Celluloid kicks off another Kung Fu Christmas with a look at Militant Eagle.

And here’s a cool video from around the time of The Empire Strikes Back release
where some initial, and different, plans for the prequels are slyly revealed. It’s neat.

That’s all folks!