R.I.P. SE ver. 1.0

Tomorrow we come back from hiatus proper, but before that, I just wanted to give a small tribute to Silver Emulsion version 1.0. R.I.P. Much Love.

The design of the new version is still a work in progress, but overall I’m happy with it so far. The sidebars are a definite low-point. As always any suggestions are welcome. You can now “Like” us on Facebook too! Check it out in the sidebar.

Edit: Also if you were previously subscribed to get emails when we post, you’ll have to re-sub via the form at the top of the sidebar.

Uncle Jasper’s gonna kick it off right with a kick-ass Hong Kong flick tomorrow morning, so definitely tune in for that!

4 comments to R.I.P. SE ver. 1.0

  • Mike_D

    I don’t know your theater going frequency, but if you made time for True Grit and Black Swan then you gotta make time for Social Network, if at least only to temper the hype. But I don’t believe that is what you will derive from it.

  • Mike_d

    Its the 17th! Where’s the review?! What are you fucking around with Scot Pilgrim for?

    I wish there was an editor I could complain to who could bring down pressure to you guys and also sometimes fold to political influence. Yeah. That’s what this blog needs. Corruption.

    • HAHAHA, it’ll be up soon! It takes time to write these things. Thursday.

      I love the idea of corrupt blogging. J. Jonah Jameson could skype in and force me to get it out sooner. But so far, we’re still idealistic and moral, so you’ll have to wait.

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