teensorcery_9Starring A.J. Cook, Craig Olejnik, Lexa Doig, Aimée Castle, Nadia Litz, Anne Anglin, Ioana Cristescu

Directed by Victoria Muspratt

Expectations: Low.

On the general scale:

On the B-movie scale:

Teen Sorcery is one of those movies that is predictable and cliched, but it’s enjoyable anyway. There’s no mystery to the plot — the audience is aware of what’s going on very early on — but somehow the film remains fun and engaging. I’ve got to credit this to a few things: the cast who all give fun performances as likeable characters (even the villains), the hilarious 1999 low-budget CG, and the “anything goes” B-Movie mentality giving us scenes like a Frisbee game in medieval times. I always enjoy the “America by way of Romania” setting the Moonbeam films usually carry, too. I could probably use all of those points to take the film to task, but where’s the fun in that? This is entertainment!

Dawn (A.J. Cook) is a high school kid moving from California to Pilgrimtown, Massachusetts. On the way to the new house, she falls asleep in the car. Seen through an extreme fish-eye lens, Dawn dreams of being trapped in a house. She eventually enters a large room where a girl sits tied to a chair with a burlap sack over her head. She removes the sack to find… HERSELF! Spooky! She runs away, but a witch attacks her and then turns into a spider. Does any of this foreshadow the film’s plot? No, not really (except the witch), but it sure is a fun way to open a movie!

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