The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 146 – Child’s Play

This week on the Silver Emulsion Podcast, Stephen and I talk about the 1988 killer-doll classic: Child’s Play, directed by Tom Holland! Will you be our friend to the end and enjoy? 🙂

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Music Notes


  • Whitesnake – Children of the Night


  • Chuck Berry – O Rangutang
    • Nadine O Rangutang 45RPM Single (Discogs)
    • St. Louis To Liverpool Bonus Track (iTunes, Amazon)

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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 146 – Child’s Play

  • Evan Parra

    Dude! That scene where Chucky comes to life is one of my favorite horror sequences ever! It would definitely be on one of those shitty “Top Scariest Horror Movie Moments” on the E! Entertainment Network. We spend like a good 30 minutes building up, watching Andy interact with Chucky, the mom watching her kid bonding with a doll, happy that he loves Chucky even though she went through hell to get it. Then the babysitter gets murdered in the apartment and things are getting pretty creepy. Andy keeps telling his mom that Chucky says this, and Chucky says that, and Chucky says rude shit, and she keeps saying “Andy, it’s just a doll. Shut up.” And ALL of this is leading up to this great reveal. The mom is meandering about the apartment while Chucky is sitting in the background, she picks up the box that Chucky came in, and she’s examining it…and the fucking battery pack falls out! SO THIS WHOLE TIME THE FUCKING DOLL NEVER HAD ITS BATTERIES! She slowly walks over to Chucky, picks him up, opens his battery compartment, and it’s EMPTY! Then his fucking head spins around and starts talking! Dude, I swear to God I just got a chill down my leg writing this! Hahaha! It’s a really long, expertly crafted build up! They made sure to emphasize how much Andy kept saying “Chucky says this, Chucky says that” all leading up to this reveal. Even though the audience knows this fucking doll is possessed, seeing the main heroine figure it out in this way is such a great payoff. One of the best I think.

    I won’t ramble as much as last time, but I liked Chris Sarandon as the detective! I think this movie works best because of him and his character. The premise of the entire movie is ridiculous: A serial killer transfers his soul into a doll’s body by a Voodoo ritual to continue his bloody rampage. Sounds stupid, but it’s played straight and realistically for the most part. But slowly the kid gets all involved with the ridiculous spooky-doings, followed by the mom. So when all of this ridiculous shit is relayed back to the detective (who is now the only character still grounded in reality) is when a lot of the humor comes out too! He helped keep the movie straight and prevented it from going overboard and I think that’s the key difference in this one compared to the sequels. The sequels were never as grounded in reality like this one was, and didn’t have a main straight character like Chris Sarandon (who’s a great actor by the way!), so the sequels are more and more absurd. Chucky becomes the source of humor in the sequels as opposed to the situation. Still enjoyable movies though. I’ll shut up now.

    P.S. One Cut of the Dead! SEE IT! And go into it blind. I’m trying to tell everyone about this gem of a movie but nobody listens to me. Haha! #sadface 🙁

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