The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 111 – Re-Animator

This week on the Silver Emulsion Podcast, Stephen and I talk about Stuart Gordon’s 1985 horror classic, Re-Animator, adapted from H.P. Lovecraft’s short story! Listen and enjoy! 🙂

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Music Notes


  • Manilla Road – Masque of the Red Death


  • The Rolling Stones – Stray Cat Blues

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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 111 – Re-Animator

  • Nicholas

    Good day to you two! Been a minute; a bit rusty on ye olde typewriter here. Umm, so “Re-Animator”…. badass! Remember the days when I used to buy multiple copies of the Out-of-Print Dvd’s of this movie from the unsuspecting website [whilst loadin’ up on their glitchy unlimited electronic coupons] and then sellin’ most of them for a buttload on Ebay, woohoo. On top of that I discovered a totally Rad Movie as well. Last night I read up on your “Bride of Re-Animator” review on this site and having been unsure as to to whether I had owned and/or seen that one as well, I was totally reminded from the memory branding Intro of the disembodied floating head making nasty threats to poor Dr. West right at the get go, on top of the wings he develops you mention at the climax of the film. Yep that’s about all I remember of that one, Cool stuff though.

    Anyways, last night decided to tackle 2003’s “Beyond Re-Animator” and surprisingly that one was minus so much of the comedy from the originals. The refreshing part however is that I feel that by doing so they have pushed the Lovecraftian horror elements to the surface, and I was actually sleep induced to some nightmarish visions upon finishin’ that one. Pretty badass too.

    Anyways, not sure what else to type here [cleanin’ the cobwebs off of me keyboard still], all I feel like sayin’ is that the world needs way more Jeffrey Combs Movies, and way less Jeffrey Combs hidden deeply under makeup in random “Star Trek” episodes. ‘Nuff Said.

    + Nicholas

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