The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 85 – Brain Damage

This week on the Silver Emulsion Podcast we dive into the twisted world of Frank Henenlotter with his 1988 film Brain Damage! Listen and enjoy! 🙂

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Music Notes


  • The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog


  • Brother Jack McDuff – The Natural Thing

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1 comment to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 85 – Brain Damage

  • Uhm

    Guys, wassup. Finishing your “Brain damage” podcast currently after watching “brain Damage” finally this morning. You’re talking about how you’re wondering about Frank Hennenlotter’s childhood and early life and how he arrives at his surreal ideas. Well I can’t necessarily answer that question but I can say that I was dragged to a live Movie Premiere of his (including a rad live Q & A) by an previous horror acquaintance. The movie was called “Bad Biology” and was shown at The Grand Illusion near UW in Seattle around 2010. So yeah, I hadn’t heard of Frank at the time but by buddy was GEEKING out and when we got there there was a line and then he points over to some dark staircase in the corner and he’s like “That’s Frank that’s Frank!” and I was like “Dude, go talk to him”. Anyways after he mustered the courage it turns out Mr. Hennenlotter was actually dozing in the corner and we had to wake his ass up lol. Well he signed my friend dude’s Movie and then they were like “Nick give him some paper”, so I had some scratch paper in my wallet and he signed that for me (might have lost that over the years grrr). Anyways, not much Horror type movie’s get under my skin, “Bad Biology” delivered the goods though. “Brain damage” this morning is the second full Hennenlotter movie I have been able to make it through, and all I can say is “FYeah!”. So go watch “Bad Biology” dude’s cuz these movies are fucking SIMILAR. Peace + Nick

    p.s. Tryied to email through your contact page and was stuck on “send” for 10 minutes wft?

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