MPW-47461About Last Night is a rockin’ ’80s film. The movie is based off of David Mamet’s play Sexual Perversity in Chicago (which I know nothing about, so I will not discuss). ALN is a sweet love story. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy gets scared and starts making bad choices, boy breaks up with girl, boy wants girl back. Boy and girl try to work it out.

First let me get it off my chest… the ’80s were so TUBULAR. There are a few noteworthy things in this film. A fan-fucking-tastic ’80s movie has a few great components. No need to ask twice, here they are.

  1. Fricking social scene: cigarettes, bar scene, beer, sexism
  2. Fantabulous Music
  3. Bitchin’ Colors
  4. Bangin’ Clothes
  5. Bangin’ Sex scene
  6. Douche-ass friend, (peer pressure) and a BFF
  7. Scamming (with the tongue)
  8. Awesome male ass shots, not just female
  9. Airhead sidekick
  10. Tight-ass Dance scene

About Last Night (ALN) had eight of the “must haves” in an ’80s movie. The plot is about a couple falling in love. This is movie is hilarious. I love the way it opens with the back and forth banter between Belushi and Lowe. I also love the consistent use of “broad,” “Humpin’ and bumpin’”, and “…so, I’m fucking her.”

aln_1The main characters are Danny, played Rob Lowe, and Debbie, played by Demi Moore. Danny is a dispassionate restaurant supplier who lives in Chicago. Debbie is an art director at an ad agency (Side note: These two were a part of the ’80s brat pack. They had just finished another favorite: St. Elmo’s Fire). They were at the end of their ’80s teenage movie roles and ready for adult roles. ALN takes place in Chicago. Debbie and Danny meet at a softball game and are immediately attracted to each other. They end up having a one-night stand that turns into a more serious relationship. The first scamming session happens the night they meet, at Danny’s apartment. Danny puts headphones on them (#2), and while listening to music they kiss for the first time (#7). The scene is very intimate. The two are facing each other and Debbie rubs her feet up Rob’s legs. They fall pretty hard that night, but they are met with opposition… their douche-ass friends/BFF’s (#6). Danny’s best friend is Bernie, played by James Belushi. He is crass and vulgar. Throughout the movie he talks about “fucking broads,” while giving vulgar (bullshit) stories of his sexual adventures. Most of these stories take place in the social scene (#1). Debbie’s BFF is Joan, played by Elizabeth Perkins. Joan is a loyal, royal asshole. She is rude and cynical when it comes to men. She teaches kindergarten; this is the only time her softer side is displayed (other than New Year’s Eve when her boyfriend dumps her to go back to his wife). A couple of hilarious quotes by the BFF’S are “I’ve been meaning to mention that it’s really stupid to fuck your boss” – Joan and “Does she give head?” – Bernie. The friends give Danny and Debbie negative advice throughout the movie. The couple is trying to make their relationship work but are having a difficult time because of jealousy and things moving too fast. Danny and Debbie move in together within two months of meeting each other.

aln_3This movie, like most ’80s movies, makes me feel nostalgia. I’m always reflecting on how wonderful it was to grow up in the ’80s. Movies like this validate my love. The clothes were awesome. Demi wore several long skirts with men’s oversized dress shirts, a belt, and tennis shoes or boots (#3, 4). The sweaters were wrapped around her waist or shoulder. This is classic ’80s and totally making its way back. You also gotta love the references to the time period. Joan brings up Wonder Woman underpants to one of her students. I smiled, remembering my first Wonder Woman training bra set. I rocked the hell out of it until the crotch fell out. I’ve still been waiting for my ass to shrink enough to fit into a Wonder Woman costume for Halloween.

You’ve gotta love watching a man and woman falling in love. It’s breathtaking: The secret smiles, the stares, giddiness, and laughter. There is intense chemistry between Danny and Debbie. It’s the subtle things that are showcased that make the scenes so intimate. An example is when Debbie smells a pillow that has Danny’s scent, or when Danny watches Debbie without her knowing. The sex scenes are very graphic and intimate. They engage in deep kissing, laughter, and verbally expressing their desires and pleasure with each other. There are two standout scenes. One is Danny and Debbie making love in the tub, under running water (#5, 7). She is on top of him, and there is plenty of kissing and rocking. This is a boner-worthy must watch! The second is when Danny approaches Debbie when she is gazing out of the window. He rubs her body slowly, while kissing her, and then makes love to her partially standing up. It’s after living together that they admit their love. Bernie asks the funniest question, “Who said it first?” My friends used to do this to each other. It shows the vulnerability of sharing yourself.

aln_2Throughout the movie, Debbie encourages Danny to open up his own restaurant (his own desire), but he is unable to see the big picture. Both of them take bad advice from their friend, which causes a rift in their fragile relationship. They end up breaking up and going back to the single life but find it lacking and unfulfilling. They end up getting back together at the very end of the movie. The last scene is very endearing. Danny’s eyes are glazed the entire time and the emotional currents are high. The movie ends with him chasing her down while she is riding her bike. There are plenty of other things that happen in the movie but the most important things are numbered. ALN is a great example of guy and girl friendships.

Lowe’s beautiful eyes, and many butt exposure scenes kind of make you forget his sex exploits. Demi is also beautiful as usual. Her sultry voice and pouty lips are what made her famous. Boy meets girl, they fall madly in love. In between all of that, we get some tongue action, hot-ass sex scenes, hilariously vulgar jokes, a few tears, and a happy ending. Welcome to the Bitchin’ ’80s!!!!!