State of the Ice Address

So the first week of Ice Fest is done and in the can! I’ve had a blast watching and reviewing the movies and I love all the great comments too. Let’s keep rollin’ this snowball iceball down the hill and make next week even better. I need all the help I can get on marketing, so email, tweet, Facebook, carrier pigeon, catapult, however you wanna get the links out there is a big help!

I’ve never looked at this series as any sort of competition to see who was better or anything like that, but if it were I’d say that we’re all tied up at this point. Boyz n the Hood is the definite winner between the first two, and Stealth Fighter clearly trumps All About the Benjamins. Hopefully our actors can stay frosty enough to keep up the great work for next week. In the words of Mr. Freeze, “Let’s kick some ice!”

This would have been the section where I posted links to other people’s reviews of Ice films, but no one sent any in! How dare they! I guess they’re all perfectly cool without any Ice in their lives. Maybe next week! C’mon bloggers, there’s a whole host of options readily available if you have Netflix Instant!

A sampling of what is currently available there:

Ice T
Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo
Surviving the Game (…but it’s Full Screen! Such bullshit!)
Mean Guns (from the director of one of my favorites, Dollman)
Judgement Day (How did I not include this? It’s like Armageddon but with Ice T, Coolio and Mario Van Peebles! C’mon, someone’s gotta review this!)
Leprechaun in the Hood (Yes!)
Gangland (Post-apocalyptic Ice!)

Ice Cube
Boyz n the Hood
Higher Learning
Ghosts of Mars

Oh, and they also have TRESPASS with both Ice T and Ice Cube; can you handle that much Ice at once?

So, that’s it until next week! Keep Icin’, stay Icy, and have an Ice-tastic weekend!

8 comments to State of the Ice Address

  • I have to admit that although I haven’t seen most of these films, I have been looking forward to seeing what turns up. And that I used IMDb to find out if there was any Ice-Ice crossover movie.

    I’ll also admit part of me is hoping for a surprise Vanilla Ice appearance. Come on. You know you want to review Cool as Ice. πŸ˜€

    • Even without contributing a review I greatly appreciate any reading or commenting that happens. So thanks!

      ICE FEST will close out with Trespass, so look forward to that. It’s a Gale/Zemeckis script written before Back to the Future if that sways you any to watch it.

      While I’m definitely not opposed to reviewing Cool as Ice, and I like your thinking of springing it on readers, this ICE FEST will remain pure. But I’m definitely not ruling out reviewing the movie at some point. πŸ™‚

  • Damn dude, Judgement Day sounds great! I really hope you still choose to review that one somewhere down the road. There’s no rule that says you can’t do a little Ice outside of ICE FEST.

    Anyway, keep up the good work Will! It’s 110 degrees outside, but it doesn’t bother me a bit thanks to all the ICE you’ve been dropping. Looking forward to week two!!

    • Hahaha, doesn’t it? You know I’m reviewing that shit! And yeah, the ICE FEST movies have definitely whet my appetite for more, so they will be coming around eventually.

      Thanks for the kind words! Week Two should be a blast.

  • Leprechaun in the Hood?


    Now I don’t feel so bad about giving a good review of Battleship.

    • Hahahaha, you didn’t know about Leprechaun in the Hood? Then that means you never saw the Leprechaun rap that ends the movie! Check it out:

      There’s also a sequel “Back 2 Tha Hood” but I haven’t seen that one. I do plan on ripping through them one of these days.

      • You bastard! You’ve ruined me! How can I go on after witnessing this? Holy fucking tea-bagging Christ in a tutu, this is horrifying.

        *sits, crying into his copy of the original Leprechaun movie….*

        Truly, that’s the most awesome thing I’ve seen since Ice-T’s monologue to the US President in that other post….

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