This weekend at Bernie’s has been life altering, and life affirming. I’ve learned a lot about myself through Bernie and the way he perseveres even after death. His passing was a tragedy; Bernie had so much more living to do! Bernie’s legacy won’t be his Porsche golf cart, or the many lines of cocaine he snorted, it’ll be the way he took life’s lemons and made them into lemonade. So next time you feel like the world’s against you, think of Bernie. When your boss gives you hell at work for no reason, think of Bernie. When you just can’t get up in the morning, think of Bernie. He didn’t let anything stand in the way of his good time, and neither should you.

And who knows, if God is kind and the stars align, maybe one day at the big conga line in the sky, we’ll all get to meet Bernie and tie our shoelaces to his ankles and parade him around for old time’s sake. Bernie’s just the kind of guy to nod his head agreeably and place his arm around your shoulder, no questions asked.

I only had one link submitted for the weekend, and even though it’s seemingly an obvious attempt to pack as many keywords into one post as possible, I just can’t pass on linking something that starts with the sentence: “When your kid enjoys a Happy Meal because it comes with a car from Cars he or she is actually eating the movie.”

This has been The Weekend at Bernie’s, and I hope you had a good time (and enjoyed the “snazzy” decorations). Look for another special event later on in the summer that will cool off your hot days with some Ice. Until that time, it’s back to the regularly scheduled reviews.