OK folks, it’s coming up next weekend so I hope you’re all ready for it! I know my buddy Rodney thinks I should wait and that I’m heading into this half-cocked and much too soon, but who cares! We’re doing it next weekend and that’s final!

A bit of back story: many years ago my friends and I used to make inside jokes among ourselves as any group of friends will do. For reasons I can’t remember, Weekend at Bernie’s became the punchline to many jokes. After I had started this site, I thought it would be a great laugh if I actually reviewed the movies during one of my special events. I’d call it The Weekend at Bernie’s!

And now here we are only seven short days from the party of a lifetime! I also invite anyone that wishes to get in on the fun to do so and post your thoughts on your own blog. Just send me the links and I’ll add them to my reviews of the film. I wouldn’t call this a proper Blog-A-Thon (maybe a Bern-A-Thon), but I think it would be fun to see some other reviews of this “classic.” Feel free to use the banner as you see fit, as well.

Get your suntan lotion, your beach towel and your formaldehyde because we’re spending the weekend with Bernie!