The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 33 – The Bride with White Hair

Episode 33! Talkin’ about the 1993 Hong Kong wuxia romance The Bride with White Hair!

Music Notes


  • Femi Kuti – Do You Know


  • 45 Grave – Partytime (Zombie Version)
    • The Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack (Amazon)

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2 comments to The Silver Emulsion Podcast: Ep. 33 – The Bride with White Hair

  • Really appreciate the WK review brothers. Didn’t mean to be too cryptic with the comment and link. Really enjoyed hearing your guy’s reactions and interpretation the beast of a short movie. Stephen’s ghostly interpretation was really cool and in earlier edit’s there was definitely even more of a ghostly vibe. It’s a tough movie for me to watch since all I notice are all the flaws [I worked on editing it of and on since 2004]. We filmed it in only 2 days and sequentially and you might notice at the end of the credits a shout out as to the whereabouts of the 2 actors. Well I’m happy to say that we found Brandon [my friend] recently, however the clean shaven guy is missing currently [or in hiding I hope]. The time’s the we filmed this movie was a very stressful time [we were going full Gung Ho about the film-making that year]. Anyways love your guys enthusiasm for Cinema of all kinds. Maybe you’d be curious about the WK remake we made in Film School here in the frozen north [brrrrrr]:

    [Better Acting, Cinematography, not as lengthy though..]

  • p.s. Oh and I caught “Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell” last week. Bravo on the movie lead! Your critiques were reminding me of the WK experience and all it’s low budget gory glory. That flying blue head man.

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