Episode 2, y’all! Now with more rambling! Take a listen as I talk about a couple more Shaw Brothers movies: The Delightful Forest and The Amorous Lotus Pan.

The Delightful Forest is available at: Amazon DVD, Amazon Blu-ray, Amazon Instant, iTunes, YouTube, Microsoft, Google Play
The Amorous Lotus Pan is available at: Amazon DVD (Region 3), eBay (Region 3)

Music Notes


  • John C. Reilly & Mark Wahlberg – Intro (Feel the Heat)
  • Emotions – Best of My Love
    • Both tracks from Boogie Nights Soundtrack Vol. 1 (iTunes, Amazon)


  • Kinuyo Yamashita – Game Over
  • Kinuyo Yamashita – Stage Clear
    • Both tracks from the soundtrack of the 1986 NES game Castlevania


  • Spinal Tap – Stonehenge

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