Starring Erica Rhodes, Olivia Alexander, Chelsea Edmundson, Ariana Madix, Lauren Furs

Directed by Charles Band

Expectations: Next to nothing. Hopefully it’s at least fun.

Holy shit, this could be the most shameless Full Moon movie yet. They weren’t even trying on this one! I can only hope that whatever money went into producing this is quickly made back ten-fold so that better quality Full Moon films can be made from the proceeds, but with a film this devoid of quality, I’m sure this is unlikely to happen. When I started out on this journey to review every single Full Moon film, I knew the more recent offerings wouldn’t be on par with the 80s/90s stuff, but Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt is perhaps a new low.

Here’s the story: a girl invites three other girls over to get drunk and decorate her house for Halloween. For some reason, she wants to decorate her house with a bunch of Full Moon’s Halloween masks, so Killjoy and Baby Oopsy Daisy heads lay all over the place and figure prominently in a number of shots. Instead of doing any actual decorating, they just get drunk and decide to watch Full Moon’s The Killer Eye, with the pint-sized replica by their sides. Not only is this one shameless in its lack of quality, it is so blatant in its peddling of Full Moon merch that even a hardcore fan such as myself has to shake his head and be embarrassed for the company. I know you gotta pay the electric bill Charlie, but c’mon!

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