future2Because I’m mildly insane, and because I have a great love for trying to connect fictional worlds that should never connect, I thought it would be fun to attempt to assemble a cohesive timeline connecting the films reviewed during this series. It don’t know that it’ll work, but I’m willing to try. I should also note that we didn’t think about this at all while selecting the films, we simply picked whatever sounded fun to review, so any similarities in plot are purely coincidental and lucky.


The texts detailing our past are sketchy and not much help in uncovering what happened to the Earth all those years ago. I have examined the colored discs the ancients left behind, in hopes of better understanding their ways and cultures. If my assumptions are correct, this is pretty close to an accurate version of our history from 1994–2013.

The first specimen was something called Escape From New York, and it is our baseline. Crime had apparently risen astronomically, and the great city of New York was turned into a prison. The story tells of one man’s desperate attempt to rescue the corrupt president of the United States, an event that would later shape the course of the country.

Meanwhile a couple of years later in 1999, the Japanese police force was also having trouble keeping their people in line, and had employed giant robots as their patrol labor. They thwarted a dastardly attempt at injecting a malware into the country’s AI, an early example of the tech-based threats we now live with on a day-to-day basis.

Back in the US, Snake’s rescue apparently inspired the nation. Tales of gladiatorial combat and his ability to kill without a second thought must have spread like wildfire, as in the year 2000 the great American pastime had become the Annual Transcontinental Death Race. It ran from the East Coast all the way to what was then known as New Los Angeles. Colorful characters drove equally flamboyant cars to satiate the country’s wild desires and bloodlust. This couldn’t have been good for the state of the world…

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