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The Films of Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger movies were an integral part of my youth.
This page will serve as a hub for all my reviews of his films,
and also as a schedule for what will come next
as I review my way chronologically through the films.

The 1970s

Title Director Release Date
Hercules in New York Arthur Allan Seidelman 12/16/1969
Stay Hungry Bob Rafelson 04/23/1976
Pumping Iron George Butler & Robert Fiore 01/18/1977
The Villain Hal Needham 07/27/1979

The 1980s

Title Director Release Date
The Jayne Mansfield Story (TV Movie) Dick Lowry 10/29/1980
The Comeback Kit Laughlin XX/XX/1980
Conan the Barbarian John Milius 05/14/1982
Conan the Destroyer Richard Fleischer 07/29/1984
The Terminator James Cameron 10/26/1984
Red Sonja Richard Fleischer 07/03/1985
Commando Mark L. Lester 10/04/1985
Raw Deal John Irvin 06/06/1986
Predator John McTiernan 06/12/1987
The Running Man Paul Michael Glaser 11/13/1987
Red Heat Walter Hill 06/17/1988
Twins Ivan Reitman 12/09/1988

The 1990s

Title Director Release Date
Total Recall Paul Verhoeven 06/01/1990
Kindergarten Cop Ivan Reitman 12/21/1990
Terminator 2: Judgment Day James Cameron 07/03/1991
Last Action Hero John McTiernan 06/18/1993
True Lies James Cameron 07/15/1994
Junior Ivan Reitman 11/23/1994
Eraser Chuck Russell 06/21/1996
Jingle All the Way Brian Levant 11/22/1996
Batman & Robin Joel Schumacher 06/20/1997
End of Days Peter Hyams 11/24/1999

The 2000s

Title Director Release Date
The 6th Day Roger Spottiswoode 11/17/2000
Collateral Damage Andrew Davis 02/08/2002
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Jonathan Mostow 07/02/2003

The 2010s

Title Director Release Date
The Expendables 2 Simon West 08/17/2012
The Last Stand Kim Jee-Woon 01/18/2013
Escape Plan Mikael Håfström 10/18/2013
Sabotage David Ayer 04/11/2014
Maggie Henry Hobson 05/08/2015
Terminator Genisys Alan Taylor 07/01/2015
Aftermath Elliott Lester 04/07/2017
Killing Gunther Taran Killam 09/22/2017
Viy 2
AKA Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask
Oleg Stepchenko 08/16/2019
Terminator: Dark Fate Tim Miller 11/01/2019

Related Documentaries

Title Director Release Date
Pumping Iron II: The Women George Butler 05/03/1985
Raw Iron: The Making of Pumping Iron Dave & Scott McVeigh XX/XX/2002


Title Director Release Date
The Long Goodbye Robert Altman 03/07/1973
Happy Anniversary & Goodbye (TV Movie) Jack Donohue 11/19/1974
Scavenger Hunt Michael Schultz 12/21/1979
Dave Ivan Reitman 05/07/1993
Beretta’s Island Michael Preece 01/26/1994
The Rundown Peter Berg 09/26/2003
Around the World in 80 Days Frank Coraci 06/16/2004
The Kid & I Penelope Spheeris 12/02/2005
The Expendables Sylvester Stallone 08/13/2010
The Expendables 3 Patrick Hughes 08/15/2014

Miscellaneous Stuff

Title Director Release Date
Christmas in Connecticut Arnold Schwarzenegger 04/13/1992
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