Syreeta’s Reviews

Here’s a handy listing of every review Syreeta has written for the site. It’s in alphabetical order, so dig in and enjoy these reviews filled with nostalgia, love and passion!


About this Movie… [About Last Night… (1986)] — 02/13/2013

About this Movie… Again [About Last Night (2014)] — 02/19/2014


I Want Some of Your Brown Sugar…oohooh [Brown Sugar (2002)] — 02/13/2014


The Game of Love [Love & Basketball (2000)] — 02/15/2014

Jonesing For Some Of That [Love Jones (1997)] — 02/10/2014


It’s Totally Perfect! [Perfect (1985)] — 02/06/2013

Purple Haze [Purple Rain (1984)] — 02/08/2013


Something Just Right [Something New (2006)] — 02/17/2014


Mammas don’t let your boys grow up to be Urban Cowboys! [Urban Cowboy (1980)] — 02/15/2013

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