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A Fistful of Djangos

July 5 – 15, 2010
A Fistful of Djangos Spaghetti Western Festival
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July 5th

Django (1966)

[by Will]

Director: Sergio Corbucci
Starring: Franco Nero, José Bódalo, Loredana Nusciak, Eduardo Fajardo, Ángel Álvarez


July 6th

Django the Bastard (1969)

“Django the Avenger”
“The Strangers Gundown”

[by Uncle Jasper]

Director: Sergio Garrone
Starring: Anthony Steffen, Paolo Gozlino, Luciano Rossi, Teodoro Corra, Jean Louis


July 7th

Django Kills Softly (1967)

“Django Kills Silently”

[by Will]

Director: Massimo Pupillo (as Max Hunter)
Starring: George Eastman, Luciano Rossi, Liana Orfei, Mimmo Maggio, Peter Hellman


July 8th

Son of Django (1967)

“Return of Django”
“Vengeance is a Colt 45”

[by Uncle Jasper]

Director: Osvaldo Civirani
Starring: Gabriele Tinti, Guy Madison, Ingrid Schoeller, Daniele Vargas, Ignazio Spalla

July 12th

Don’t Wait, Django…Shoot! (1967)

[by Will]

Director: Edoardo Mulargia (as Edward G. Muller)
Starring: Ivan Rassimov (billed as Sean Todd), Ignazio Spalla, Rada Rassimov, Vincenzo Musolino, Gino Buzzanca

July 13th

Django and Sartana Are Coming…It’s the End (1970)

“Django and Sartana… Showdown in the West”
“Final Conflict… Django Against Sartana”
“Sartana If Your Left Arm Offends, Cut It Off”

[by Uncle Jasper]

Director: Demofilo Fidani
Starring: Hunt Powers, Gordon Mitchell, Victoriano Gazzara, Simone Blondell, Dennis Colt, Celso Faria

July 14th

$10,000 Blood Money (1967)

“Guns of Violence”
“$10,000 Dollars for a Massacre”

[by Will]

Director: Romolo Guerrieri
Starring: Gianni Garko (billed as Gary Hudson), Fidel Gonzáles, Loredana Nusciak, Adriana Ambesi, Claudio Camaso

July 15th

Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot! (1967)

“Django Kill”

[by Uncle Jasper]

Director: Giulio Questi
Starring: Tomas Milian, Ray Lovelock, Piero Lulli, Milo Quesada, Roberto Camardiel

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